With the holidays over, and spring training a month away, we are well into the Hot Stove league, where baseball fans argue over who should be in the Hall of Fame, and about what moves are, or are not, being made. I felt that Maddux, Thomas and Glavine were good choices. I would have also voted for Bagwell, Raines, McGriff and Piazza. Among old time players, I support Hodges, Oliva and Minoso. On Sat, Jan. 25, an HOF discussion, involving my CT chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), will take place in our MxCC Student Lounge from 12 to 4 PM.  This is also national SABR Day.  All are welcome, and come argue for your faves!

Since my last blog, the Yankees have signed Carlos Beltran, Brina McCann, and Jacoby Ellsbury. While some of this is old news, we can get more perspective on things. Cano is gone to Seattle and I don’t think the Yanks will miss him. Brian Roberts, a former Orioles All-Star, will platoon at 2nd base, along with Kelly Johnson, who can also play 3rd.  With A-Rod’s suspension, which could be several blogs, 3rd base is a question.  However, pitching will decide, and the Yanks need 2 starters.  Should they go after Tanaka, the Japanese pitcher, who has been so ballyhooed?  Instead, there remains Ervin Santana, Ubaldo Jimenez (I saw his no-hitter in Atlanta, one of 4 that I ‘ve seen live!), or Matt Garza.  Also, can Robertson close?

The Sox have been fairly quiet. Xander Bogaerts figures to start at shortstop, and Jackie Bradley Jr. will replace Ellsbury in CF.  Lester is a free agent after 2014, so will that be a distraction?  Also, can Bucholz stay healthy, as he is a clear talent. Uehara was lights out in the pen, so if he can keep that up, the Sox are set in that area.  Napoli will be back as well.

The Mets signed Granderson and Colon, so they are upgraded as well. I anticipate more moves, as we get closer to spring training!

Trivia time:  What 3 HOF batters all hit 521 career HR’s?



Submitted by Steve Krevisky. Since 1985, Professor Krevisky, baseball fanatic, has been a full-time mathematics professor at Middlesex Community College.