MxCC provides students living domestically and internationally with opportunities to learn in a supportive online learning environment. Our broad selection of general education (academic) requirements is taught mostly fully online; interested students need not visit campus while taking fully online courses during a semester. Students taking hybrid courses are required to attend campus meetings specified by the course instructor.  New students who are interested in taking fully online or hybrid courses need to first contact the Admissions Office.  See procedures for admissions and registration.

How Does It Work?

Most of our fully online classes are asynchronous— you do not have to sign on at a specific time. Our online classes (ONLN code) are offered by semester.  For example, if you enroll in a fall online class, you would start the first day of the semester, just like you would in an on-ground course.  Like in a traditional class, you follow a syllabus that provides information on readings, assignments, projects, and exams. You submit your assignments or take your exams within a designated timeline, but the time and day on which you complete it is up to you. The class is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This flexibility allows you to work your class into your current obligations instead of scheduling everything else around your class.


  • Sign on anywhere anytime as long as you have Internet access.
  • Everything is available, always. You can read and reread material for an in-depth understanding and you don’t need to worry about incomplete or illegible notes.
  • Active participation in lively online discussions is always cited as being a student’s favorite part of his/her online class.
  • You have direct communication with professors via e-mail at any time. You do not need to schedule an appointment during office hours or wait for a convenient time during class to have questions answered.
  • By taking classes online, you’ve saved yourself the time and expenses incurred when taking classes on campus.
  • Online learners come from a variety of places and have a variety of backgrounds, which mean students provide diverse contributions to the class.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have never taken an online class. How do I know if I am suitable for learning online?

You can take a self-assessment test to find out if you are ready for learning online.  The assessment information can be found at

Take a SmartMeasure Test (link will open in new window)

Where do I get help in getting started with an online course?

We have two options to help you log on and get familiar with our courses. As a new online student, you can attend an on-campus orientation. You can take our online orientation. The on-campus orientation schedule and online orientation can be found at (link will open in new window). Click on Campus Orientation or Online Orientation (left column).  We recommend all new online students visit our distance learning web site upon registration and go over online orientation even prior to attending an on campus orientation.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. You must have a computer with high speed Internet connection (DSL or cable). You also should have a back-up plan in case something happens with your connection or computer.
How much time does it take?

You will be studying in an online course for the same amount of time or more than you would be in a classroom.  Just like in an on-campus class, you must read textbooks and complete assignments, papers, projects, and exams.

How can I learn about a specific class?

Visit (link will open in new window). Click on Online Classes (left). Click the desired term. If you do not see a syllabus for that term, look for the same class/professor in a prior semester. If the course is a new offering, you may contact the course professor to obtain a tentative syllabus.

Does an online class cover the same material as an on-campus class?

Yes, the same information is covered. Course descriptions can be found in the course catalog or online at the College website: (link will open in new window).

How can I learn more about online classes?

You can visit (link will open in new window).  There are links to How to Register, Take a SmarterMeasure Test, Online Classes, What to Do, How to Log on, Technical Help, Online Orientation, Campus Orientation, and Success Tips.  Explore various links for more information about our online offerings.