So much depends on being prepared to seize them.

At Middlesex Community College, you can take the courses you need to transfer into a baccalaureate program with advanced standing. You can also earn the credentials required to start a career or change to a new one. And you can explore areas of study that have always fascinated you or follow your curiosity into fields of study you have never experienced before.

But college is so much more than taking courses and earning degrees or certificates. At Middlesex Community College, we know that it is the experience of college that makes the difference. That is why we work so hard to encourage our students to be fully engaged. We want you to form meaningful, lasting relationships with our faculty and students. And we want you to acquire the knowledge and skills you will need to make the most of all the opportunities that lie ahead for you.

Our courses are academically challenging and offered in a variety of formats, from lecture to discussion, seminar to laboratory, from field-based to online. Our transfer curriculum is constantly being updated and improved, linking it to upper division programs at bachelor degree granting colleges and universities. Every one of our occupational programs has an advisory board made up of employers in the field, ensuring that our programs are the right preparation for a successful career.

Outside the classroom, at both our Middletown campus and Meriden Center, all students have the chance to contribute, participate, and become involved in student organizations and activities. This is how we nurture students to become leaders, creators, thinkers, and explorers.

Faculty advisors, student affairs staff, tutors, librarians, and fellow students can all help you succeed in college. Years after you leave Middlesex, we want you to recall that this is the place where you developed a passion for learning, and where you found a warm and supportive community that prepared you to steer your own path into our complex and changing world.

Welcome to Middlesex Community College!

 Anna Wasescha, Ph.D.