Advising Pathway to the Associate Degree Program at Gateway Community College

Careers in nutrition or dietetics are available to individuals with Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and include a wide range of professional opportunities including food preparation and management, nutrition program implementation, public health, education and research, and private practice.

The Nutrition & Dietetics Advising Pathway allows MxCC students to take 30 credit hours which will transfer as nine courses (29 credits) required by Gateway Community College’s Nutrition and Dietetics Program. Gateway’s program prepares students as Dietetic Technicians, Registered, qualified to take the DTR Examination. Please see notes (below) for information regarding course equivalencies. The transfer agreement is reflected in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Pathway Advisor

Dr. Judy Wallace
Professor of Biology /Anatomy and Physiology
Office: Wheaton Hall 209
Phone: 860-343-780

Pathway Requirements

Nutrition & Dietitics Pathway to Gateway CC
(2018-19 Catalog)

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Course credits Gateway CC equivalency
HLT*103, Investigations into Health Careers 3 HLT*103 + NTR*100 = NTR*101 (3 credits)
NTR*100, Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics 1
BIO*111, Introduction to Nutrition 3 NTR*102
BIO*115, Human Biology 3
ENG*101, Composition 3
ENG*102, Literature & Composition
ENG*200, Advanced Composition
MAT*137, Intermediate Algebra 3 MAT*115
COM*173, Public Speaking 3 COM*171
CHE*111, Concepts of Chemistry 4
Social Science Elective
HLT*160/SOC*160, Introduction to Public Health, is recommended but not required
Total Pathway: 30