Associate in Science Degree

This program is designed to serve both the student who wishes to acquire the requisite skills to pursue a career in accounting upon graduation or improve present skills, and for the student who wishes to transfer to a four-year college. Students intending to transfer should meet with the Coordinator of the Accounting program for advising. Learn More About This Program >

Program Coordinator

Nancy Kelly Nancy Kelly
Professor, Accounting
Phone: 860-343-5761
Office Location: Wheaton 313


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Organize, analyze, and interpret numerical data through knowledge and comprehension of accounting concepts and principles.
  2. Identify, gather, measure summarize, verify, analyze, and interpret useful financial and non-financial data.
  3. Identify and solve unstructured problems in unfamiliar setting and exercise judgment based on facts.
  4. Communicate through development of proficiency in oral/written/electronic communication skills and the development of the ability to explain financial data to others.
  5. Demonstrate leadership skill through the development of the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team, including organization, control, and assessment of group-based work, and provide leadership when appropriate.
  6. Apply current technology including the ability to use spreadsheet software to analyze business problems, communicate using work processing and presentation software, develop accounting information using general ledger software, access information via internet, and understand information integrity and security issues.
  7. Develop a professional orientation through awareness of legal, regulatory, and ethical issues facing the profession, awareness of global financial practices, and understanding the methods for creating and managing change in organizations.

Graduation Checklist

Accounting Degree – Graduation Checklist

A Graduation Checklist is a printable list of course requirements you will use when you meet with your academic advisor each semester.  The checklist helps you keep track of your progress from when you first enter MxCC to when you are ready to graduate.

Degree Requirements

Accounting – Associate Degree
Transfer-Oriented Program
(2017-18 Catalog)

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First Semester (Fall) - 15 creditcreditsPrerequisite?
ACC*113, Principles of Financial AccountingProgram Requirement3Yes
BMG*202, Principles of ManagementProgram Requirement3Yes
ECN*101, MacroeconomicsGeneral Education Requirement:
Social Phenomena (1 of 2)
ENG*101, Composition (or ENG*101E or ENG*101-ALP)General Education Requirement:
Written Communication
Choose one Computer Course Elective from:
CSC*101, Intro to Computers
CSA*135, Spreadsheet Applications
CSA*140, Database Applications
CST*201, Intro to Management Information Systems
Program Requirement3No prerequisite for CSC*101.

Other courses: Eligible for either ENG*101E or ENG*101.
Second Semester (Spring) - 15 creditscreditsprerequisite?
ACC*117, Principles of Managerial AccountingProgram Requirement3ACC*115
BMK*201, Principles of MarketingProgram Requirement3Yes
ECN*102, MicroeconomicsSocial Phenomena
(2 of 2)
General Education Requirement:
Historical Knowledge Elective
Gen Ed:
Historical Knowlege
General Education Requirement:
Written Communication Elective
Gen Ed:
Written Communication II
Third Semester (Fall) - 15 creditscreditsprerequisite?
ACC*271, Intermediate Accounting IProgram Requirement3ACC*117 or ACC*118
BMG*204, Managerial CommunicationsGeneral Education Requirement:
Oral Communication
PSY*111, General Psychology IGeneral Education Requirement:
Scientific Reasoning
General Education Requirement:
Aesthetic Dimensions Elective
Gen Ed:
Aesthetic Dimensions
ACC*125, Accounting Computer Applications IProgram Requirement3ACC*113
Fourth Semester (Spring) - 16 creditscreditsprerequisite?
ACC*272, Intermediate Accounting IIProgram Requirement3ACC*271
BBG*231, Business Law I
BBG*234, Legal Environment of Business
Program Requirement3Yes
BFN*201, Principles of Finance
CSA*135, Spreadsheet Applications
Program Requirement3Yes
MAT*167, Elementary StatisticsGeneral Education Requirement:
Quantitative Reasoning
General Education Requirement:
Scientific Knowledge & Understanding Elective with Lab
Gen Ed:
Scientific Knowledge & Understanding
Total Program:61

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