This certificate program prepares students to be software and hardware help desk technicians. The help desk technician is frequently the first position available to an Information Technology professional and it can lead to network administration and network support positions. Students in the program will learn to design and use problem solving techniques; use oral and written communication within a business environment; implement management and customer service skills in team building activities; learn terminology in networking environments; and use technical skills in implementing software and hardware installations. Additional training is obtained through a required on-the-job internship. Upon completion of the program students will be able to design and use the programming development steps to solve problems, work within a business environment using oral and written communication skills effectively, use an office application product to assist in troubleshooting problems, test and debug software and hardware products, work in an Information Technology department applying software and hardware service and technical skills. Students completing this certificate will be able to transfer to the Associate Degree program in Information Systems.

The Help Desk Technician Certificate program is a 24-credit program; the courses required by this certificate may transfer to the Computer Information Technology Associate’s degree program at MxCC.

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Help Desk Technician by Certificate Requirements

Required CoursesCredits
+ CST*120 Operating Systems3
+ CST*141 Computer Hardware4
+ CST*163 Windows Server Administration3
+ CST*231 Data Communication & Networking tttt3
+ CST*270 Network Security Fundamentals3
+ BMK*123 Principles of Customer Service 3
One of the following:nCSA*Elective, CSC*Elective, OR CST*201 Introduction to MIS3
+ CSC*295 Cooperative Work Experience3
Total credits: 24
+This course has a prerequisite.
Updated 6/9/14