A student may be required to take courses numbered below 100 as preparation for college‑level work. Nearly all courses require students to have college-level skills in reading, writing, and math as prerequisites. Generally, courses numbered 200 or above are to be taken in the second year and require additional prerequisite study. Prerequisites should be noted, as well as the sequence in which courses must be taken. This information is found in the course descriptions which follow. Note that hyphenated courses (e.g., CHE* 121-122) must be taken in sequence, whereas courses using commas (e.g., ENG* 221, 222) may be taken in either order. Courses usually count for three (3) credits a semester. Some of the exceptions are laboratory or studio courses and some mathematics, accounting and language courses. The credits for all courses are listed next to the course titles in the following descriptions.

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Accounting, ACC*
Anthropology, ANT*
Art, ART*
Art-Graphic Design, GRA*
Assessment for Prior Learning, ST
Biology, BIO*
Broadcast-Cinema (See Communications)
Business Administration/Marketing, BBG*, BES*, BFN*, BMG*, BMK*
Chemistry, CHE*
Communications, COM*
Computer Applications, CSA*
Computer Science, CSC*
Computers – Technology, CST*
Criminal Justice, CJS*
Digital Arts (Multimedia), DGA*
Drug & Alcohol Rehab., DAR*
Early Childhood Education, ECE*
Earth Science, EAS*
Economics, ECN*
Engineering Science, Tech Studies, Manufacturing,  EGR*, CAD*, MFG*
English Courses, ENG*
Environmental Engineering Tech, ENV*Environmental Science, EVS*
Freshman Seminar, FS*
Geography, GEO*
Geology, GLG*
Health,HIM*, HLT*, HPE*, MED*
History, HIS*
Human Services, DAR*, DFS*, HSE*, RLS*
Languages— Chinese, CHI*— French, FRE*— Italian, ITA*— Spanish, SPA*Mathematics, MAT*
Multimedia, (see Digital Arts)
Music, MUS*
Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing, ODD*
Philosophy, PHL*
Physical Science, AST*, OCE*, PSC*
Physics, PHY*
Political Science, POL*
Psychology, PSY*
Radiologic Technology, RAD*
Recreation, RLS*
Sociology, SOC*, SSC*
Special Topics, ST
Theatre, THR*
Veterinary Technology, VET*