ACC*100, Basic Accounting (3 Credits)
A course in the basic accounting principles with emphasis on recording procedures and payroll for service businesses and professional offices. Students with no previous accounting exposure and limited college course experience should consider taking this course before taking ACC*115 Financial Accounting. It will satisfy a business or open elective requirement. May not be taken after ACC*115 unless student received a D or F grade.  (Updated October 2014)

ACC*115, Financial Accounting (4 Credits)
An introduction to financial accounting fundamentals. The basic accounting equation, recording procedures, and analysis of corporate statements and specific business accounts are studied. A computerized commercial practice problem is incorporated into the course. Transferability may be limited to 3 credits. Prerequisites: Eligible for
ENG*101 E or ENG*101, and eligible for MAT*137 OR permission of instructor. (Updated October 2014)

ACC*118, Managerial Accounting (4 credits)
An introduction to managerial accounting fundamentals. It is the study of accounting that generates confidential information for use in decision-making and managing and operating a business. It studies cost-benefit criteria,behavioral implications of actions and strategies for setting long and short-range goals. Transferability may be limited to 3 credits. Prerequisite: ACC*115.  (Updated October 2014)

ACC*271, Intermediate Accounting I (3 credits)
An examination of generally accepted accounting principles related to preparation of the financial statements, including the cash flow statement.Valuation and disclosure of current assets including cash, accounts receivable,and inventory are studied in detail. A computerized commercial accounting project is incorporated into the course. Prerequisite: ACC*118.  (Updated October 2014)

ACC*272, Intermediate Accounting II (3 credits)
Continuation of topics begun in ACC*271, including long assets, current liabilities, long term liabilities, stockholder’s equity, present value concepts and payroll. A financial statement analysis project is incorporated into the course.  This is an “L” course. Prerequisite: ACC*271.  (Existing course; published September 2013)