ANT*101, Introduction to Anthropology (3 credits)
A survey of the major fields of anthropology – physical anthropology,archaeology, and cultural anthropology – with an emphasis on the distinctive anthropological perspective on human beings and their works. Non-western cultures will be a focus of the cultural analysis. This is an “L” course. This is a “D” course. Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or 
ENG*101(Updated November 2014)

ANT*205, Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
An introduction to the cross-cultural study of human behavior and society. Focus will be on political organization, marriage and family, community organization, economic institutions, culture and personality, religion, social movements and change. This is a “D” course. Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or ENG*101.  (Updated November 2014)

ANT*212, Anthropology, Psychology, and Religion (3 credits)
This cultural anthropology course uses a psychological approach to study of theeffects of major world religions on the development of the individual personality in selected cultures. Prerequisite: ANT*101, completion of 20 college credits, and permission of the instructor. (Updated November 2014)