CSA* 095, Basic Computer Skills (1 credit) 
This preparatory course gives students the fundamental skills necessary to gain a basic understanding of how to use a personal computer. The course teaches basic keyboarding techniques, the fundamentals of the Windows environment, file management, Internet research, and email. Students with little or no hands-on experience with computers should take this basic skills course before taking any of the computer courses. This course does not satisfy a computer requirement or an elective in any degree program, nor do its credits count toward graduation.

CSA*135, Spreadsheet Applications (3 credits)
Microsoft EXCEL for Windows, which contains spreadsheet, database, and graphics features, will be utilized to capture, organize, process, and store data for business applications. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENG 101E.

CSA*140, Database Applications (3 credits)
This course will provide an introduction to database software. Students will learn to create and manipulate databases using leading database packages currently popular in business and industry. Students will get an overview of the range of available database management systems and an understanding of fundamental theory. Hands-on work will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENG 101E.

CSA*205, Advanced Applications (3 credits)
This course explores the intermediate and advanced features of popular business software applications. Students will learn how to apply word processing,spreadsheet, database, and presentation tools to achieve productivity gains. The course will also include software integration and collaboration software using cloud computing. The goal of this course is to challenge students to move beyond the basics of the Office applications to a much higher level of proficiency in a broad range of business software applications. Additionally, this course will assist in preparing students to take the industry-recognized Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exam. Permission to enroll without the prerequisite may be granted based on a student’s prior knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. Prerequisite: CSC*101 or permission of instructor.