EAS*102, Earth Science (3 credits)
An introductory survey of the planet Earth, which covers topics in astronomy,oceanography, meteorology, and geology. May be taken as a general science elective. Field trips included. Prerequisite: Eligible for either  ENG*101E or 
ENG*101 and either MAT* 085 or MAT*095with a “C-” or better or taken concurrently. (Existing course, published September 2013) (Updated November 2014)

EAS*106, Natural Disasters
This course examines the science behind different types of natural disasters and our ability or inability to control and predict such events.  From this course, students will gain an appreciation of natural disasters and will better understand how the effects of disasters can be reduced.  Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or 
ENG*101.(Existing course, published April 2014) (Updated October 2014)

EAS*107, Earth Resources (3 credits)
A view of earth’s resources, their occurrence, extraction and use, and their impact with the environment. Topics include mineral, energy, metals, and construction and industrial Earth resources. Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or 
ENG*101 and eligible for MAT*095 or higher. (Existing course, published September 2013) (Updated October 2014)