COL*101, College and Career Success (3 credits)
This course prepares students for a successful college and career experience. Students will explore and navigate the college’s resources, develop college success strategies, cultivate critical and creative thinking, and participate in major and career exploration. Additionally, students will learn a variety of skills and strategies to support their studies across the curriculum. Topics include reading and study strategies, note taking, test preparation, interpersonal and oral communication, and information literacy.  (New course, Spring 2018)

FS100, Freshman Seminar (3 credits) 
Gen Ed Competency: Continuing Leaning/Information Literacy
The Freshman Seminar introduces the new student to diverse academic content, emphasizing learning strategies and critical thinking skills in preparation for more rigorous college study. This multidisciplinary course combines a faculty lecture series with small-group discussion sessions. Topics to be covered include introductory lectures on social sciences, natural/physical sciences, mathematics, humanities, business, and career opportunities. Highly recommended for both full-time students with two or more college prep placements and part-time students taking college prep courses. (Updated Fall 2017)

FS110, College Success (1 credit) 
This course is designed to introduce new students to the college and its resources; to help them adopt skills necessary for college success; and to help new students feel connected to the college, its faculty and staff, and their fellow students.  Special emphasis will be placed on career exploration for the purpose of helping students develop academic and career goals and encouraging them to enroll in career and technical education programs.