GLG*112, Geology of Connecticut (3 credits) 
An introduction to the geological features of Connecticut and surrounding areas. Emphasis on field relations and general geological concepts. Review of history on Connecticut Geology. Field trips included. Prerequisite: Reading exempt and eligible for MAT*095 (or higher).

GLG*120, Dynamic Earth (4 credits) 
An introduction to the physical geology of the Earth, with an emphasis on interactions between land, air, water, and life, and the cycling of energy and matter over time.  This course will investigate how processes within the earth system have produced resources, landforms, catastrophes, climates, and biological evolution throughout Earth’s history.  Includes consideration of human impacts on the earth system.   Lecture: 3 hours per week. Laboratory: 3 hours per week.  Prerequisites:  Eligible for ENG*101 and MAT*137 (or higher).

GLG*121, Introduction to Physical Geology (4 credits) 
An introduction to the principles governing the composition and structure of the Earth’s crust and the study of landforms and geological processes on and within the Earth’s surface. Topics include earth materials, geologic time, surface processes, internal processes, and earth structures. Prerequisite: MAT*095 with a grade of “C” or better or placement and/or completion of a higher-level math course.