GRA*150, Introduction to Graphic Design (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Aesthetic Dimensions

An introduction to graphic design, a creative process that uses art,technology, and the written word to produce effective visual communication.Creativity is encouraged through hands-on exercises using fundamental design elements and skills to solve thought-provoking communications problems. Various techniques and mediums, including the computer, are explored in the execution of solutions. Prerequisites: 
ART*121 and DGA*110. Recommended: ART*111. (Updated November 2014)

GRA*246, Digital Pre-Press I (3 credits)
An introduction to the principles of color separation and preparation of files for digital output to various media. Includes an understanding of color models,fonts, trapping, scanning, resolution, and data formats. Prerequisite: 
DGA*110. Recommended: DGA*231. (Updated November 2014)

GRA*251, Advanced Graphic Design (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Aesthetic Dimensions

Real world execution of visual communications including discussions and exercises in the use of typography, the use of a layout grid, the commissioning of illustration/ photography, print production, and the business side of graphic design. Computer skills are emphasized in the solving of visual communications problems typical of today’s graphic design industry. Prerequisites: GRA*150 and 
DGA*231. Recommended: DGA*120 or DGA*223(Updated November 2014)

GRA*296, Graphic Design Internship (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Aesthetic Dimensions
Students work for design companies, printeries, service bureaus, or other relevant businesses. For Graphic Design majors who have nearly completed the requirements for the A.S. degree/Graphic Design Track. Minimum of 120 hours required for 3 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of Program Coordinator. (Updated November 2014)