PHL*101, Introduction to Philosophy  (3 credits) 
Some of the major philosophical problems, theories of knowledge, reality, and value. The nature of philosophical thought. Readings in philosophical literature. Prerequisite: ENG*101, ENG*101E, or ENG*101ALP. This is an “L” course.

PHL*111, Ethics  (3 credits) 
A study of the leading theories of morality and ethics concerning what is good, right, and just; the principles of good moral reasoning; and the examination of contemporary ethical issues and social problems. Readings in both classical and contemporary philosophical literature. Library research required. Prerequisite: ENG*101, ENG*101E, or ENG*101ALP. This is an “L” course.

PHL*131, Logic  (3 credits) 
Logic is the study of reasoning. It promotes skill in evaluating persuasive language according to general standards of validity. Accordingly, this course introduces forms of deductive and inductive reasoning and methods of evaluation. Attention is given to argument recognition, fallacy identification, and the analysis of reasoning in ordinary language. Prerequisite: ENG*101, ENG*101E, or ENG*101ALP.

PHL*145, Sustainable Living (3 credits)
Sustainable living involves creating and maintaining conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, fulfilling environmental, social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. This course offers an introduction to, and survey of, ideas and issues surrounding sustainability. This includes examining current human practices and lifestyles to determine if they are sustainable or not. It also includes studying possible alternative approaches to living that may be more sustainable as well as considering strategies for change. Topics include eco-literacy, energy and food, technology and design, politics and society, economics and money, ethics and aesthetics, worldview and spirituality. Prerequistes: ENG*101

PHL*151, World Religions (3 credits) 
An introduction to the beliefs and practices of major world religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, etc.  Students will gain an appreciation for the similarities and differences between various religions. The course will also touch on philosophical religious questions such as the value of religion, God, faith, soul, immortality, evil, mystical experience, etc. Library research required.  Prerequisite: ENG*101, ENG*101E, or ENG*101ALP. This is an “L” course. This is a “D” course.

PHL*199, Special Topics in Philosophy (3 credits) 
An in-depth exploration of a specialized area in philosophy The content of this course may vary every time it is offered. Prerequisite: ENG*101, ENG*101E, or ENG*101ALP. Recommended: PHL*101.