PSY*103, Introduction to Holistic Wellness  (3 credits) 
This course will explore how cognition, emotion, stress, lifestyle, and the environment impact a person’s health and sense of well-being. Students will review the psychological and behavioral factors which enhance health and wellness while preventing one’s risk for illness. Students will learn how to become active participants in their journey toward wellness by studying and experiencing alternative, preventive, and stress reducing techniques. Modalities to be explored are the mind/body connection, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. This is a “D” course.

PSY*111, General Psychology I (3 credits) 
Major principles and theories of psychology including perception, learning, the biological basis of behavior, motivation and emotion. This course is suitable for all students and is the prerequisite for all upper level psychology courses. It is also required for transfer into many four-year programs. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENG*101 and reading exempt. This is a “D” course.

PSY*201, Life Span Development  (3 credits) 
This course will examine human development from conception through death. Theories pertaining to physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development will be explored and applied to the developmental tasks which face the individual throughout the life span. Human Development, as a process of adaptation to the biological, psychological, sociological, and cognitive challenges which are continuously presented to the growing person, will be explored. Prerequisite: PSY*111. This is an “L” course. This is a “D” course.

PSY*204, Child and Adolescent Development  (3 credits) 
This course will examine childhood from conception through adolescence, with emphasis on the areas of emotional, social, cognitive, language and physical development. Prerequisite: PSY*111.

PSY*208, Psychology of Adult Development and Aging (3 credits) 
Examines adult development from young adulthood through old age and death. Emphasis is on current theories of each stage of adulthood and their implications for career choice and change, intimacy and marriage, parenthood, mid-life adjustment, retirement and death. Prerequisite: PSY*111 and ENG*101. This is an “L” course.

PSY*240, Social Psychology  (3 credits) 
This course is designed to introduce students to social behavior from a social-psychological perspective. Emphasis is on social and cultural factors and their consequences for self-development, small group behavior, self-image, attitude acquisition and change, leadership, conformity and prejudice. This is a “D” course.

PSY*243, Theories of Personality (3 credits) 
Study of the human individual, with emphasis on self as related to others. Investigation of personal growth, defense mechanisms, and the mental health movement. Prerequisite: PSY*111 or permission of the instructor.

PSY*245, Abnormal Psychology (3 credits) 
This course examines the major theories of psychopathology and explores the research, classification systems, and intervention strategies relative to each theoretical perspective. Diagnostic categories and processes will also be studied. Prerequisite: ENG*101 and PSY*111 with a grade of “C” or better. This is an “L” course. This is a “D” course.

PSY*247, Industrial & Organizational Psychology (3 credits) 
Psychological principles are applied to business, industry, education, politics. Topics include job evaluation, motivation, management relations, individual and group relations. This course is appropriate as the psychology elective for the business and secretarial programs. Its transferability depends upon the policy of the receiving institution.

PSY*251, Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth  (3 credits) 
This course is an advanced level study of the behavioral, educational and psychological problems displayed by young people. The emphasis is on how these problems are impacted by biological, social, cultural, cognitive, family and situational factors. Evaluation and treatment perspectives will be explored. Prerequisites: ENG*101 and PSY*111. Recommended: PSY*201 or PSY*204. This is an “L” course.

PSY*258, Behavior Modification (3 credits) 
This course focuses on the basic current principles of learning with particular application to the area of cognitive and behavioral management. Behavioral intervention and treatment of diverse problems will be studied. Prerequisites: PSY*111.

PSY*298, Special Topics in Psychology (3 credits) 
Selected contemporary issues in psychology-for example, personality, motivation, learning and drugs. This course is not intended to be taken in lieu of PSY*111 or to transfer for that purpose.