Associate in Science Degree

About the Program:

The Computer Information Technology (CIT) degree program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded technical foundation and offer options in which they can concentrate their skills in either software development or networking. For students who enter the program without a firm grasp on a career direction, the program’s core gives a broad range of subject areas that the students can experience before formalizing their concentration.

A report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor explains, “To keep IT systems running, a large workforce is needed to maintain networks, create new software, and ensure information security. In addition, the proliferation of smart phones has given rise to a new “app economy,” in which new employment opportunities are available for workers who create the programs that run on mobile devices.” The CIT degree incorporate courses networking, programming, network security, and mobile device programming. All of these are high-demand areas of IT.

An internship experience enhances the curriculum and allows the student to apply their skills to an on-the-job experience. Upon graduation the student is prepared to obtain a job in the Information Technology field or pursue an advanced degree at a four-year college or university.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Develop the ability to analyze, develop, and design code through knowledge and comprehension of information systems concepts and skills.
  2. Develop the strategic and critical thinking skills through development of the ability to identify, gather, measure summarize, verify, analyze, design, develop and test programs and hardware design.
  3. Develop the ability to identify and solve unstructured problems in unfamiliar setting and exercise judgment based on facts.
  4. Develop communication through development of proficiency in oral/written/electronic communication skills and the development of the ability to explain programming concepts and code and related technical issues to others.
  5. Develop leadership skill through the development of the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team, including organization, control, and assessment of group-based work, and provide leadership when appropriate.
  6. Develop the skills to apply current technology, analyze business problems, and design and develop software and solve technical issues; apply word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, email, and collaborative software skills in a professional context.
  7. Develop the skills to communicate using network technologies, access information via internet, and understand information integrity and security issues.


Downloadable Program Forms & Documents

Computer Information Technology Graduation Checklist

Computer Information Technology by Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements 
+ ENG*101 Composition t3
+ ENG*202 Technical Writingt3
+ COM*173 Public Speakingt3
+ MAT*137 Intermediate Algebra or highert3
Sociology or Psychology electivet3
+ ECN*102 Principles of Microeconomicst3
Science Elective3/4
Fine Arts Elective3
Open Elective3
27-28 Credits
Program Core
+ CSC*105 Programming Logic or CSC*115 Introduction to Programming with Alice3
+ CST*120 Introduction to Operating Systems3
+ CST*201 Introduction to MIS3
+ CST*270 Network Security Fundamentals3
+ CSA*140 Database Applications3
+ CSC*231 Database Design I3
DGA* elective OR + CST*141 Computer Hardware OR CS* elective3/4
+ CSC*295 Coop Ed/Work Experience3
24-25 Credits
Networking track u2013 Directed Electives
+ CST*163 Windows Server Administration 3
+ CST*228 Voice and Data Interworking3
+ CST*231 Data Communications Networking3
Programming track u2013 Directed Electives
+ CSC*220 Java Programming3
+ CSC*205 Visual Basic Programming3
+ CSC*262 Programming Mobile Devices I3
9 Credits
Total Credits in program 60-62

+ This course has a prerequisite.

Computer Information Technology by Suggested Semester

First Semester (FALL) 
+ ENG*101 Composition3
+ MAT*137 Intermediate Algebra or higher3
+ CST*120 Introduction to Operating Systems3
+ CSC*105 Programming Logic or CSC*115 Introduction to Programming with Alice3
DGA* elective OR + CST*141 Computer Hardware OR CS* electivet3/4
15/16 Credits
Second Semester (SPRING)
+ ENG*202 Technical Writing3
+ CST*201 Introduction to MISt3
+ CSC*220 Java Programming OR + CST*231 Data Communications Networking3
+ ECN*102 Principles of Microeconomicst3
Science Electivet3/4
15/16 Credits
Third Semester (FALL)
+ COM*173 Public Speakingt3
+ CST*163 Windows Server Administration OR CSC*205 Visual Basic Programming 3
CSA*140 Database Applications t3
Sociology or Psychology Electivet3
+ CST*270 Network Security Fundamentals t3
15 Credits
Fourth Semester (SPRING)
+ CSC*231 Database Design It3
+ CST*228 Voice and Data Interworking OR CSC*262 Programming Mobile Devices It3
Open Electivet3
+ CSC*295 Coop Ed/Work Experience3
Fine Arts Electivet3
15 Credits
Total Credits in program 60-62

+ This course has a prerequisite.

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