The General Studies Curriculum

The General Studies curriculum is intended for students who wish to design a personalized two-year program for exploration or meeting educational and career goals not available in other programs. While students often enter college uncertain of where their studies are headed, Middlesex hopes that uncertainty can be replaced with clear academic plans and strongly encourages working with an advisor to develop their plan. Middlesex is committed to a sound liberal arts education and the development of a solid foundation of professional skills, which are incorporated through specific requirements in the program. The program also offers a great deal of flexibility as a basis for further study or career paths. However, please note that this program is not designed primarily for transfer purposes and does not provide adequate guidance for meeting bachelor’s degree requirements without careful assistance from an advisor. Those transferring students pursuing liberal arts degrees are encouraged to consider the Liberal Arts and Science program, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Other transferring students should ask their advisor to recommend the best program to meet their specific needs.

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Graduation Checklist

General Studies Graduation Checklist

A Graduation Checklist is a printable list of course requirements you will use when you meet with your academic advisor each semester.  The checklist helps you keep track of your progress from when you first enter MxCC to when you are ready to graduate.