Associate in Arts Degree

This curriculum is designed for students who wish to transfer to a liberal arts program at a four-year institution. It consists of a broad program of general knowledge in the humanities and contains a science option for those students wishing to focus more intently in the sciences. Students should choose electives with consideration toward their intended field of specialization.

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Graduation Checklist

A Graduation Checklist is a printable list of course requirements you will use when you meet with your academic advisor each semester.  The checklist helps you keep track of your progress from when you first enter MxCC to when you are ready to graduate.

Liberal Arts and Science by Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum

27 Credits

+ ENG*101 Composition  3
+ ENG*200 Advanced Composition or + COM*173 Public Speaking or+ ENG*202 Technical Writing1  3
Social Science Electives  6
Art or Music Elective  3
Computer Elective2 3
Liberal Arts Elective  3
Open Elective  3
Additional Requirements3  3
Liberal Arts Requirements
History Elective 3
Foreign Language4 (same language)  8
Mathematics Elective++ (MAT*137 or higher)  3
Science Electives  7-8
+ ENG*102 Literature and Composition or ENG*110 Introduction to Literature 3
+Advanced English Literature (any 200 level course)  3
Philosophy Elective 3
Liberal Arts Elective  3
Open Elective  3
 Total credits:
Science Option(These courses would replace the Liberal Arts Requirements)
Science Electives  (must include at least 16 credits of lab sciences- 4 courses) 19-20
+ MAT*186 Precalculus5  4
+ MAT*254 Calculus I6  4
+ MAT*256 Calculus II6  4
Humanities Electives (not Art or Music) 6
Total credits:

1ENG*202 is allowable only in the Science Option.

 Computer electives may be chosen from Information Systems, Computer Application, or Digital Arts. 

 3Additional Requirements:The following requirements may be met from the above and do not require taking an additional course. Courses which meet these requirements are indicated with an “L” or “D” designation in the course descriptions:

                        2 Library Research (L) courses

                        1 Diversity (D) course

 4The Foreign Language requirement may be waived in special circumstances, including the completion of three sequential years of one language in high school;  passing a standardized exam;  passing a higher-level language course;  or demonstrating native proficiency.  Students who desire to waive the language requirement must contact the language department coordinator to make arrangements.  Students who waive the language requirement need to substitute 8-9 credits of Liberal Arts electives to meet degree requirements.

5Students who place higher than MAT*186 on the Math placement exam may substitute a Liberal Arts elective. 

6Students intending to major in Biology may substitute MAT*168, Elementary Statistics and Probability, and another lab science elective for Calculus I & II.  However, be aware that some four-year Biology programs do require Calculus.

 +  This course has a prerequisite.

++ Placement testing is required.