Associate in Science Degree

This program is designed to provide a wide education in the liberal arts, as well as the skills necessary to pursue a career in retail or wholesale merchandising upon graduation. Students who have completed this program may seek immediate employment or may transfer to a four-year institution. With proper advising, students have successfully transferred to many colleges with a minimum loss of college credit. Before registering, it is the student’s responsibility to seek transfer advising with a Marketing advisor or counselor.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of marketing and its contribution to the economic system and the global marketplace
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of marketing principles and methods as they apply to satisfying consumers and society as a whole
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing mix and its applications to product/service planning, price determination, distribution and promotion
  4. Demonstrate market research, market information and promotional strategies
  5. Apply and demonstrate the principles, methods and techniques of salesmanship and retailing
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship between marketing and all other functional areas within a business
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of electronic marketing and its importance on the future of business and industry
  8. Analyze managerial principles, techniques and functions of marketing organizations
  9.  Demonstrate an understanding of how the United States economic system is organized, how it functions and how it impacts the global economy
  10. Demonstrate proficiencies in reading, writing, listening, presentation and analytical skills
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of moral and ethical marketing decisions
  12. Demonstrate computer proficiency in word processing, electronic spreadsheet, database management, general ledger accounting systems and presentation software


Graduation Checklist

Marketing Degree – Graduation Checklist

A Graduation Checklist is a printable list of course requirements you will use when you meet with your academic advisor each semester.  The checklist helps you keep track of your progress from when you first enter MxCC to when you are ready to graduate.

Marketing by Degree Requirements


General Education 21 -23 Credits
+ ENG*101 Composition 3
+ COM*173 Public Speaking  3
Math Elective ++   3
Fine Arts Elective  3
Science Elective  3-4
+ ECN*102 Principles of Microeconomics or+ ECN*101 Principles of Macroeconomics  3
+Psychology or Sociology Elective  3
Program Requirements 18-19 Credits
+ BMG*202 Principles of Management  3
+ BMK*201 Principles of Marketing  3
+ BBG*231 Business Law I or+ BBG*234 Legal Environment of Business  3
ACC*100 Basic Accounting or + ACC*115 Financial Accounting  3-4
BBG*115 Business Software Applications or CST*201 Introduction to Management Information Systems  3
 + BMG*204 Managerial Communications   3
Directed Business Elective (choose 1) 3 Credits
BES*118 Small Business Management
+ BBG*234 Legal Environment of Business
+ BBG*295 Cooperative Work Experience I

ACC*118 Managerial Accounting

BFN*201 Principles of Finance

Marketing Technology Electives 6 Credits
Marketing Electives (Choose 4 courses from the following) 12-13 Credits 
BMK*103 Principles of Retailing
BMK*106 Principles of Selling
+ BMK*230 Advertising and Promotion
+ BMK*216 Internet Marketing
+ BMK*123 Principles of Customer Service
Total Credits:

Marketing (By Semester)

Full-time students should follow the four-semester sequence listed below in order to graduate from this program in two years.

First Semester 15-16 Credits
+ ENG*101 Composition 3
BBG*115 Business Software Applications or
CST*201 Introduction to Management Information Systems
Mathematics Electives++  3-4
+ BMK*201 Principles of Marketing  3
Marketing Elective  3
Second Semester 15 Credits
+ BMG*204 Managerial Communications  3
+Psychology or Sociology Elective  3
+ BMG*202 Principles of Management  3
Marketing Elective  3
+ BBG*231 Business Law I or+ BBG*234 Legal Environment of Business  3
Third Semester  15-16 Credits
+ COM*173 Public Speaking  3
ACC*100 Basic Accounting or+ ACC*115 Financial Accounting  3-4
Science Elective  3-4
Marketing Elective  3
Marketing Technology Elective  3
Fourth Semester 15-16 Credits
Fine Arts Elective 3-4
+ ECN*102 Principles of Microeconomics or + ECN*101 Principles of Macroeconomics   3
Marketing Technology Elective  3
Directed Business Elective  3
Marketing Elective 3
 Total Credits:


+ This course has a prerequisite.
++ Placement testing is required. MAT*137 or higher.
Electives should be chosen after consultation with a Marketing faculty advisor.