Associate in Science Degree

This curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment at the assistant or semi-professional level in public or private organizations dealing with pollution prevention and control. It is intended to be flexible by allowing substitution of courses that will tailor the curriculum to individual student needs or occupational objectives.

As a final experience students complete an internship that provides valuable job training and frequently leads to full time employment.

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Program Coordinator

 Christine Witkowski Christine Witkowski
Professor, Environmental Science
Phone: 860-343-5781
Office Location: Wheaton 217


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Discuss the major environmental issues facing society, including their short- and long-term impacts and the potential for applying sustainable technologies and solutions.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental scientific principles underlying environmental issues, emphasizing interrelationships between biological, chemical, and geological processes in the Earth system.
  3. Apply the scientific method of inquiry to environmental questions using a combination of laboratory skills, field skills, knowledge of experimental design, statistical analysis, and critical thinking.
  4. Use appropriate computational, graphical, and communication methods to analyze and present scientific data effectively, using up-to-date technologies as appropriate.
  5. Research and assess the accuracy of information from a variety sources, including print publications, broadcast media, and online resources.
  6. Work effectively both individually and as a team member to assess environmental problems and conduct scientific investigations.
  7. Perform work in accordance with standard laboratory and field safety procedures.
  8. Identify career options and educational pathways for a variety of environmental science careers locally, regionally, and nationally, including skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

Graduation Checklist

Environmental Science Degree – Graduation Checklist

A Graduation Checklist is a printable list of course requirements you will use when you meet with your academic advisor each semester.  The checklist helps you keep track of your progress from when you first enter MxCC to when you are ready to graduate.

Degree Requirements

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