Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking courses are designed so that students will be able to organize, interpret, and evaluate evidence and ideas within and across disciplines; draw reasoned inferences and defensible conclusions; and solve problems and make decisions based on analytical processes.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate mastery of the Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking general education core competency by being able to:

  • Identifying Arguments: Identify issues, evidence and reasoning processes; distinguish facts from opinion; recognize various types of arguments.
  • Formulating arguments: Formulating good arguments, including a significant focus on inductive reasoning.
  • Analysis: Break subject matter into components, and identify their interrelations to ascertain the defining features of the work and their contributions to the whole.
  • Evaluation: Identify assumptions, assessing the quality and reliability of sources of evidence, and demonstrating knowledge of the criteria for evaluating the success of each kind of inference.
  • Synthesis: Draw together disparate claims into a coherent whole in order to arrive at well-reasoned and well‐supported inferences that can be justified as a conclusion.

Basic Assessment Rubric:

Course List

The following Middlesex Community College courses are designated as fulfilling the Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking general education core competency.  (For full course descriptions, hover over the “Dept. Numbers” below.)

Dept. Number Course Title
ACC*100 Basic Accounting
ACC*115 Financial Accounting
ACC*118 Managerial Accounting
ACC*271 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC*272 Intermediate Accounting II
BBG*101 Introduction to Business
BBG*115 Business Software Applications
BBG*125 The Future and Business Organizations
BBG*135 Exploring Business & Technology Careers
BBG*215 Global Business
BBG*294 Business Internship
BBG*295 Cooperative Work Experience
BES*118 Small Business Management
BMG*202 Principles of Management
BMG*204 Managerial Communications
BMG*210 Principles of Organizational Behavior
BMG*220 Human Resource Management
BMK*106 Principles of Selling
BMK*201 Principles of Marketing
BMK*216 Internet Marketing
BMK*230 Advertising and Promotion
CJS*211 Criminal Law I
CJS*212 Criminal Law II
CJS*213 Evidence and Criminal Procedure
CJS*294 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CSA*135 Spreadsheet Applications
CSA*140 Database Applications
CSA*205 Advanced Applications
CSC*105 Programming Logic
CSC*115  Introduction to Programming with Alice
CSC*205 Visual Basic I
CSC*220 Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA
CSC*231 Database Design I
CSC*262 Programming Mobile Devices I
CSC*295 Coop Ed/Work Experience
CST*120 Introduction to Operating Systems
CST*141  Computer Hardware
CST*163 Windows Server Administration
CST*201 Introduction to Management Information Systems
CST*228 Voice and Data Interworking
CST*231 Data Communication and Networking
CST*270 Network Security Fundamentals
EAS*106 Natural Disasters
ECE*101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE*103 Creative Art Experiences for Children
ECE*131  Children’s Literature
ECE*141 Infant/Toddler Growth & Development
ECE*176 Health, Safety, and Nutrition
ECE*180 CDA Preparation Course
ECE*182 Child Development
ECN*101 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN*102 Principles of Microeconomics
ECN*220  International Economics
EGR*111 Introduction to Engineering
EGR*211 Applied Mechanics I (Statics)
EGR*212 Applied Mechanics II (Dynamics)
EGR*214 Engineering Thermodynamics
EGR*221  Introduction to Electric Circuit Analysis
ENG*101 Composition
ENG*101E Composition (Embedded)
ENG*102 Literature and Composition
ENG*110  Introduction to Literature
ENG*200  Advanced Composition
ENG*202 Technical Writing
ENG*210  Fiction
ENG*211 Short Story
ENG*213 Poetry
ENG*214  Drama
ENG*218 Autobiography
ENG*220 Studies in American Literature
ENG*221 American Literature I
ENG*222 American Literature II
ENG*231 British Literature I
ENG*232 British Literature II
ENG*233  Shakespeare
ENG*234 Shakespeare II
ENG*262 Women in Literature
ENG*291 Mythology
ENG*298 Special Topics in English
EVS*100 Introduction to Environmental Science
EVS*111  Environmental Science Laboratory
GLG*120 Dynamic Earth
HIM*205 Medical Coding 1
HIM*206 Medical Coding 2
HIM*295 Health Information Management Internship
HLT*160 / SOC*160 Introduction to Public Health
HON 101 Honors Seminar
HON 102 Honors Seminar II
HON 202 Honors Capstone Project
MAT*104 Quantitative Reasoning
MAT*141 Number Systems
MAT*146 Math for the Liberal Arts
PHL*101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL*111 Ethics
PHL*131  Logic
PHL*145  Sustainable Living
PHL*151 World Religions
PHL*199 Special Topics in Philosophy