Historical Knowledge courses are designed so that students will study the interrelatedness of various realms of human experience from multiple historical perspectives.

Learning Outcomes
Students will demonstrate mastery of the Historical Knowledge general education core competency by being able to:
  • Identify and differentiate types of historical sources including popular, academic, primary, and secondary.
  • Recognize ever-changing interpretations of history.
  • Place the development of societies in national and/or international contexts.
  • Explain the influence and agency of social circumstances, which may include race, class, gender, and others, on historical events
  • Describe the impact of the past on subsequent events, including the present.
  • Examine the complex, dynamic, and interrelated nature of change.

Basic Assessment Rubric: http://www.ct.edu/files/pdfs/tap-outcome-history.pdf

Course List

The following Middlesex Community College courses are designated as fulfilling the Historical Knowledge general education core competency. (For full course descriptions, hover over the “Dept. Numbers” below.)

Dept. Number Course Title
BIO*109 Principles of Biotechnology
ECE*101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE*131  Children’s Literature
ECE*141 Infant/Toddler Growth & Development
ECE*176 Health, Safety, and Nutrition
ECE*182 Child Development
ENG*102 Literature and Composition
ENG*110  Introduction to Literature
ENG*210  Fiction
ENG*211 Short Story
ENG*213 Poetry
ENG*214  Drama
ENG*218 Autobiography
ENG*220 Studies in American Literature
ENG*221 American Literature I
ENG*222 American Literature II
ENG*231 British Literature I
ENG*232 British Literature II
ENG*233  Shakespeare
ENG*234 Shakespeare II
ENG*262 Women in Literature
ENG*291 Mythology
HIS*101 Western Civilization I
HIS*102 Western Civilization II
HIS*107 History of Puerto Rico
HIS*121 World Civilization I
HIS*122  World Civilization II
HIS*201 United States History I
HIS*202 United States History II
HIS*244  Europe in th20th Century
HSE*224  Social Problems of Youth
MUS*101 Music History and Appreciation I
MUS*104 World Music
MUS*117 Electronic Music
MUS*137 History and Appreciation of Jazz
MUS*138 Rock and Roll History and Appreciation
PSY*204 Child and Adolescent Development
THR*101 Introduction to Theatre