Board of Regents Policy 3.5.1, originally adopted by the Community-Technical Colleges Board of Trustees July 23, 2001

An “incomplete” is a temporary grade assigned by a faculty member when coursework is missing and the student agrees to complete the requirements. Although a student may request an incomplete, the faculty member is not required to honor the request. The faculty member should assign an incomplete when there are extenuating circumstances such as illness that prevent a student from completing the assigned work on time and, in the judgment of the faculty member, the student can complete the remaining work within the time limit established by this policy.

If an incomplete is assigned, the faculty member will set forth in writing a description of the work to be completed, the date by which the work must be submitted (i.e. the end of the 10th week of the next standard semester), and a statement that the “I” will change to a specified letter grade if the work is not completed by the due date. An “I” will convert to an “F” grade if no make-up grade has been specified.

Students with an “I” are temporarily ineligible for semester or graduation honors. Upon conversion of the “I” to a letter grade, students may retroactively receive semester or graduation honors and such recognition shall appear on the transcript, provided that the student has earned the required grade point average.