Associate in Science Degree

The Management Information Systems program combines Business and Information Systems curricula which includes general education, business, and computer courses that are normally taken at a baccalaureate institution. Business and computer science majors may see this degree as a conduit that transitions them into the highly desirable field of technology management. The program will reinforce the communication, business, and technology skills necessary to succeed in the business environment. Courses in this program will transfer to other four-year colleges in the Management Information Systems and/or computer degree programs. Students intending to transfer should meet with the Coordinator of the Management Information Systems program for advising.

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Program Coordinator

 Donna Hylton Professor/Program Coordinator of Computer Information Technology and Management Information Systems
Phone: 860-343-5774
Office Location: Snow 512

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Analyze, develop, and design code through knowledge and comprehension of information systems concepts and skills
  2. Identify, gather, measure summarize, verify, analyze, design, develop and test programs and hardware design.
  3. Identify and solve unstructured problems in unfamiliar setting and exercise judgment based on facts.
  4. Communicate through development of proficiency in oral/written/electronic communication skills and the development of the ability to explain programming concepts and code to others.
  5. Work collaboratively with a diverse team, including organization, control, and assessments of group-based work, and provide leadership when appropriate.
  6. Apply current technology, analyze business problems, and design and develop software.
  7. Communicate using network technologies, access information via internet, and understand information integrity and security issues.
  8. Gain awareness of legal, regulatory, and ethical issues facing the profession, awareness of information technology and network security, and understanding the methods for creating and managing change in organizations

Graduation Checklist

Management Information Systems Degree – Graduation Checklist

A Graduation Checklist is a printable list of course requirements you will use when you meet with your academic advisor each semester.  The checklist helps you keep track of your progress from when you first enter MxCC to when you are ready to graduate.