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Faculty Profile (2015-16)

44 — Full-Time Faculty — half hold a doctoral or terminal degree in their field
15 — Full-Time Administrative Staff who teach a class
192 — Part-Time Faculty
251 — Total Faculty Members

58% — Female

Age Cohorts
52 — Median Age
26% — age 40 and under
48% — age 41 through 60
27% — over age 60

82% — White
3% — Black
4% — Hispanic
2% —  Asian/Pacific Islander
9% — Chose not to respond


Part-Time Faculty Roster – Fall 2017

as of August 18, 2017



Janis Helen Albert — Veterinary Technology

Diane A. Arce — Mathematics
B.A. in Business, Albertus Magnus College
M.A.T. in Master Teaching, Quinnipiac University

Christopher Arnold — Psychology


Elizabeth Bailey — Accounting

Ivan L. Bailey — Computer Information Technology

Noah Baerman – Music (2017)
Prison Education Program
B.Mus. in Jazz Studies, Rutgers University / Mason Gross School of the Arts
M.M. in Jazz Studies, Rutgers University / Mason Gross School of the Arts

Michelle Bartha — Mathematics

Lindsay Bensenhaver — English

Peter Benson — Fine Arts

John R. Bergeron — Music Production

Diane Biegel — Biology

Cameron Bishop — Mathematics (2016)
Prison Education Program
B.S. in Mathematics, Southern Connecticut State University
M.S. in Mathematics, Fairfield University

Rachel Boccio — English

Jason Bohn — Computerized Axial Tomography

Edgar Bonilla — Human Services

Diane J. Bordonaro — Health Careers
B.S. in Animal Science, University of Connecticut
R.N., Ona M. Wilcox School of Nursing
M.S.N. in Nursing Education, University of Hartford

Nicholas Boulter — Criminal Justice

Hassan Bourhrous — Astronomy (2017)
B.S. in Engineering/Computer Networks, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
B.S. in Astrophysics, University of Cape Town, South Africa
M.S. in Astrophysics/Cosmology, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Post-Graduate Certificate of Education, University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

Dawn Michelle Bradanini — Criminal Justice

Ronald J. Brone — Psychology and Sociology

Joanne C. Bugai — Sociology


Carla S. Cerino — English and Freshman Seminar

Anand Chaudhuri — Mathematics

Victoria Grace Chaudhuri — Chemistry

Riana Susan Cornelius — English

Dennis S. Costello — English

Robert Alan Croce, Jr. — Engineering

Donna Crum — Radiography

Teresa deSousa Cull — Mathematics
B.S. in Mathematics Secondary Education, Central Connecticut State University
M.S. in Mathematics Education, Central Connecticut State University

Michael Custer — Criminal Justice


Lisa M. D’Angelo — Criminal Justice

Janet D’Onofrio — Computer Information Technology

Molly DeMers — Biology (2017)

Susan Deane — Health Information Management

Raymond Dennis — Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing
A.A.S. in Ophthalmic Dispensing, New York City Technical College
B.S. in Community Health, St. Joseph College
M.A. in Education, St. Joseph College

Kathleen Derken — Graphic Design and Digital Arts

Emily K. Detoro — English

Michael DiGiorgio — Fine Arts

George Dialectakis — Computer Systems Technology

Widelyn Dorelus — Freshman Seminar
B.A. in Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University
M.S. in Counselor Education: Student Development/Higher Education, Central Connecticut State University
Advanced Professional Certificate in Counseling, Central Connecticut State University

Rosemarie Doris — Biology

Sheila Dupuis — Psychology

Carol Dykas — Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing


Howard I. Einsohn — English

Maura C. Faulise — English

Judith Felton — Human Services and Psychology
B.A. in English, Fitchburg State College
M.S.W. (Master of Social Work), Boston University School of Social Work

Angelina V. Field — Therapeutic Recreation

Matthew Fiorentino — English

Dina Ford — Early Childhood Education

Kevin Ford — Engineering

Alaric J. Fox — Criminal Justice

Bernadine Franco — Art

Riold Furtuna — Biochemistry (2017)
B.S. in Biotechnology, University of Florence, Italy
M.S. in Genetics, Michigan State University


Priscilla Gale — Music

Giulio Gallarotti — Political Science (2016)
Prison Education Program
B.A. in History & Italian Literature, Hunter College
M.I.A. (Master of International Affairs) in International Political Economy, Columbia University
Ph.D. in Policital Science, Columbia University

Amanda Gamache — English

Kevin A. Gardner — English

Ryan Garesio — English (2017)
Bridge to College Program (Concurrent Enrollment at Maloney High School, Meriden)

A.S. in General Studies, Tunxis Community College
B.A. in English, Southern Connecticut State University
M.A. candidate in English, Southern Connecticut State University

Susan C. Gebo — Nutrition

Barbara L. Giffin — Freshman Seminar
B.A. in Spanish Education, University of Connecticut
M.A. in Higher Education Administration, University of Connecticut

Justin Peter Good — Philosophy

Norman Grabowski — Chemistry

Kristen J. Grandfield — English

Dale Griffith — English
A.A. in General Studies, Middlesex Community College
B.A. in English, Wesleyan University
M.L.A.S. in Humanities/Writing, Wesleyan University

Robert Lowell Grossman — Radiography

Lori Gruen — Philosophy (2017)
Prison Education Program
B.A. in Philosophy, University of Colorado
Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Colorado

Yi Guan-Raczkowski — Psychology
B.S. in Electronics, Beijing Normal University
B.S. in Educational Media and Technology, Indiana State University
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut

Aleta S. Gudelski — Fine Arts

Kathryn M. Gundersen — Mathematics


Jill E. Harris — Freshman Seminar

Fernando Hernandez — Manufacturing

Patience Hettrick — Communication

Wendolyn B. Hill — Fine Arts

Gregory S. Horne — Human Services

Catherine Hostetter — English
B.A. in English, Villanova University
M.A. in English, Boston College

Landi Hou — Computer Information Technology

Christopher G. Iverson — English


Cassandra Johnston — Biology
A.S. in General Studies, Middlesex Community College
B.A. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Wesleyan University
M.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Yale University

Wayne Kalmick — Manufacturing

Melissa Katz — Art History (2017)
Prison Education Program

B.A. in English, Williams College
M.S. in Art Conservation, University of Delaware
A.M. in the History of Art & Architecture, Brown University
Ph.D. in the History of Art & Architecture, Brown University

Deborah Kleckowski — Freshman Seminar

Kristen L. Kleeman — Mathematics

Ellen Kramer — Computer Information Technology

Nicole L. Kras — Psychology


Amy Lawton — Veterinary Technology (2014)

Sarah Leone — Mathematics
B.A. in Math and Education, University of Albany
M.S. in Math and Education, Central Connecticut State University

Keyvan Mahboubi — Biochemistry
B.S. in Biology, Shiraz University
Ph.D. in Pharmacology, New York Medical College

Judith E. Manfull — English

Laura Maniglia — English

Gina Mariconda — English

James E. Markham — Biology

Adrienne Maslin — Honors/Freshman Seminar (2013)
B.A. in Anthropology, University of Vermont
M.Ed. in Counseling, Boston University
Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, University of Oregon

David Maslin — Economics (2012)

Paul S. Maywood — Environmental Science

Marc J. Mikulski — Sociology

Janis Marie Mink — Fine Arts

M. Lisa Moody —  Political Science

Christian Moore — Criminal Justice

Elizabeth Morin — Psychology

Brian M. Murray — Digital Arts

Carol-Ann Myers — Business


Robert A. Nasta —  Music

Diane M. Niles-Roos — Chemistry

Daniel Nocera — Communication
B.S. in Television & Radio Radio Production, Ithaca College
M.A.L.S. in Film, Wesleyan University

Clayton J. Northgraves — Mathematics


Jill T. O’Callaghan — Veterinary Technology

Barbara O’Rourke — Mathematics
B.A. in Mathematics, Central Connecticut State University
M.S. in Mathematics, Central Connecticut State Unievertity
M.S. in Computers/Educational Technology & Media, Central Connecticut State University

Lynn M. Patarini — English

Richard Patrick — Social Science

Jesse R. Patterson — Philosophy

Renee Pelletier — Radiography

Janie Pittendreigh — History

Randi Plake — Communication
B.S.,  Central Connecticut State University
M.S., Quinnipiac University

Richard Poletunow — Psychology

Amy M. Prescher —  Fine Arts

Anthony Pulino — Mathematics

Christy Pyatt — English


Lisa A. Rathe — Communication

Robert L. Reutenauer — History

Brien Riedell — Mathematics

Kimberly Riordan — Mathematics

Christine Ritchie — Mathematics

Jenney T. Rivard — Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing

Barbara Carroll Rogers — Communication

Stewart Rosenberg — Statistics

Michael Rotondo — Accounting


Kathleen Savino — Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Frank Sesto — Manufacturing

Amy Evelyn Shaw — English

Chrystal Shoup — Psychology

Roynn “Lisa” Simmons —  Communication

James A. Simpson — History and Philosophy

Carmela Smith — Sociology

Michael Elwin Smith — Digital Cinematography

Jane L. Stamler — Geography and Political Science

Nancy Stover — English


Armond “Al” Terzi —  Communication & Speech

Charles S. Tripler — History


Joshua VanHouten — Biochemistry

RoseAnn Vaughan — Computer Information Technology

Heather J. Verdi — History


Mark Walerysiak — Criminal Justice
B.A. in History, Central Connecticut State University
M.S. in National Security and Public Safety, University of New Haven
Certification in POST Supervision and Management Training, State of Connecticut

John F. Ward — English

Cindy Warm — English

Timothy Wasielewski — Ecology & Environmental Science (2017)
A.S. in Liberal Arts, Greenfield Community College
B.S. in Chemistry, University of Massachusetts
M.S. in Environmental Science, University of New Haven

Meghan P. Wentland — English

A. Zane Wenzel — Biology

Catherine Weselcouch — Mathematics

Brian Richard “Dic” Wheeler — Theater

Gwen E. Whitham — Computer Information Technology

Edward F. Wierzbicki — Theater

Michael Zito — Drug & Alcohol Counseling