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Schedule of Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees may change as the result of Board action.

 1. Full-time Student–per semester(1)
 a) Connecticut Resident(1)  $1893.00
 b) Out-of-State Resident(1)  $5659.00
 c) NEBHE–RSP students pay 50% surcharge  $2834.50  in addition to in-state rates
d) On-line/Distance Learning Students (in-state rate)  $1893.00
e) On-line/Distance Learning Students (out-of-state rate)  $5659.00
f) Excess Credits tuition charge (over 17 credits)  $  100.00
 2. Part-time Student–per semester hour:
 a) Connecticut Resident(1) $  140.00/semester hour
 b) Out-of-State Resident(1) $  420.00/semester hour
 c) NEBHE–RSP students pay 50% surcharge    $  210.00/semester hour in addition to in–state rates
d) On-line/Distance Learning Students (in-state rate)  $  140.00/sem. hour + fees
 e) On-line/Distance Learning Students (out-of-state rate) $  420.00/sem. hour + fees
 General Fees (2) (5)    
 College Service Fees
 1. Full–time Student–per semester:
 a) Connecticut Resident  $  203.00
 b) Out-of-State Resident  $  609.00
 2. Part–time Student–per semester:
Connecticut Residenta) (1 to 4 credits)b) (5 to 11 credits) $71.00 to  $87.00$102.00 to  $189.00
Out-of-State Resident(1 to 11 credits) $213.00 to  $567.00
 Student Activity Fee
 1. Full–time Student–per semester  $   10.00
 2. Part–time Student–per semester $     5.00
Excess Credits Tuition Charge (3)Students who register for MORE THAN 17 credits in any semester will be charged an additional flat amount of $100 tuition.    $ 100.00
Credit Extension Fees   Amount
 Summer Session and Intersession  $ 152.00/semester hour
 Non–Credit Extension Fee Fees are set on a per course basis dependent upon course offered.
 Usage Fees     Amount
1. Laboratory Course Fee $82.00/lab registration
 2. Studio Course Fee $88.00/studio registration
 3. Clinical Program Fee – Level 1 $281.00/semester
 4. Clinical Program Fee – Level 2 $201.00/semester
 Special Fees Amount
 1. Application Fee:(4)a) Full–time Student

b) Part–time Student

$  20.00

$  20.00

 2. Program Enrollment Fee(5) $  20.00
 3. Late Registration Fee $    5.00
 4. Academic Evaluation Fee $  15.00
 5. Portfolio Assessment Fee $  50.00
6. Installment Plan Fee6.a. Late Payment Fee – Installment Plan $  25.00$  15.00
 7. Returned Check Fee $  25.00
 8. CLEP Service Fee $  15.00


1. Waivers:
a. Complete waiver of tuition for dependent child of a person missing in action or a former prisoner of war.
b. The Connecticut Tuition Waiver is available for veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces during time of war and were released from active duty under honorable conditions. The periods of conflict are: Persion Gulf War (8–2–90 to ongoing), the Vietnam Era (12–22–61 to  7–1–75), the Korean Hostilities (6–27–50 to 1–31–55), World War II (12–7–41 to 12–31–46), World War I (4–6–17 to 11–11–18) and any previous periods of conflict as far back as the Spanish–American War (4–21–89 to 8–13–89). The 100 percent tuition waiver is available for veterans if they were residents of Connecticut upon entry into service or became residents while in service during the periods indicated and are residents when accepted for admission.
c. Tuition, general fees and the application fee are completely waived for those persons 62 years of age or over who register during the Senior Registration Period.  Special fees other than the application fee must still be paid.
d. Tuition shall be waived for any student attending the Connecticut State Police Academy who is enrolled in a law enforcement program at the Academy which is offered in coordination with a Regional Community College which accredits courses taken in the program. This waiver applies only to courses taken at the Connecticut State Police Academy and not to course work required for a degree taken at the college.
e. The tuition fees of any eligible member of the Connecticut Army or Air National Guard shall be waived. To be eligible for such waiver, a member of the Connecticut Army or Air National Guard must be:  (1) a resident of Connecticut, (2) hold present certification by the Adjutant General or his designee as a member in good standing of the Guard, and (3) be enrolled or accepted for admission to a Regional Community College on a full–time or part–time basis in a degree-granting program. The tuition waiver shall be reduced by the amount of any educational reimbursement received from an employer.
f. The tuition fees for veterans of the Armed Forces, who served in either a combat or combat–support role in the invasion of Grenada or the peace-keeping mission in Lebanon, Operation Earnest Will, shall be waived. To be eligible for such waiver, a veteran must be a resident of Connecticut at the time he or she is accepted for admission, and was a resident either at the time he or she entered the Armed Forces or while serving in the Armed Forces, and be honorably discharged or released under honorable conditions from active service in the Armed Forces. Combat or combat‑support role means assigned to the theater of operations during the invasion or peace‑keeping mission.
    The dates of service shall be defined as:
                                                      Grenada: 10–25–83 to 12–15–83
                                                      Lebanon: 9–29–82 to 3–30–84
                                                      Operation Earnest Will 2–1–87 to 7–23–87
2. General fees are applicable to all credit courses.
3. Students (in-state and out-of-state) who register for MORE THAN 17 credits in any semester will be charged an additional flat amount of $100 tuition.  This tuition will also be subject to the regular tuition refunding schedule (i.e. the 50% refund during the first two weeks).
4. Not applicable for the following: (a) CONNTAC applicants, (b) Upward Bound applicants, and (c) needy and deprived students as determined by the college.
5. Not applicable if student paid the $20.00 application fee.
6. Fees; College Service Fee and Student Activity Fee are not refundable.