Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) ONLINE

Our new CNA Online program provides an option for students who wish to take advantage of distance learning opportunities.  This program is offered in a hybrid format which includes online modules and on-ground clinical learning.  Students complete 6 weekly modules of nursing theory that cover all of the same material as our on-ground CNA courses.  Students also complete skills training in our nursing lab and clinical training at a local nursing facility.  CNA online classes are supported by the Blackboard Learn course management system. 

This program is approved by the State Department of Public Health. Note: Convicted felons may have difficulty finding employment in the healthcare industry.

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Students enrolling in the CNA Online program should determine if Distance Learning is best option for them.  To screen yourself please visit our Distance Learning webpage and take a SmarterMeasure test at http://mxcc.edu/distance/take-a-smartermeasure-test/ .

Prerequisites: 1) High-school diploma or GED, 2) English language competency.  An ESL evaluation is strongly recommended.  To schedule your evaluation please call the Academic Success Center at 860-343-5770 and ask for an appointment to take the CNA ESL test.  There is no charge. 3) Health Form signed by your physician including immunization information, PPD test for Tuberculosis, and seasonal flu vaccine. 4) Must be at least 18 years of age with valid identification. 5) Artificial nails are not permitted. 6) A criminal background check may be required.  Students who have a record of felonies or multiple misdemeanors may be denied access to clinical training sites.

Supplies: 1) Navy blue nursing uniform or scrubs and white shoes 2) A watch with a sweep second hand 3) Gait Belt (available in the college bookstore)

$1,199 (includes State of CT Certification exam fee, and CT Nurse Aide Registry application fee)  Textbook is not included. 

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Health Form
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Spring 2018 Courses

Spring 2018 CNA Online Courses