Customer Service Management

You have solid communication and listening skills. You have a strong desire to help others, and you enjoy using computers and doing research. Now you can take your skills and interests to the next level – an exciting career in one of the most in-demand, fast-growing career areas out there.

The certificate program in Customer Service Management at Middlesex Community College will prepare you to work in the customer service department in any organization.

This certificate will help build your foundation in customer service, starting a business – and more! The program provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter the field or to build on experience you already have. Successfully completed courses will apply to an Associate Degree in Marketing at MxCC.

Academic Requirements

The certificate in Customer Service Management program is a 30-credit track of study that typically takes students just under two years to finish. This program gives you a foundation in customer service, small business and entrepreneurial-related skills. You will experience an exciting range of coursework, including marketing, selling, public speaking, organizational behavior and principles of retailing. Completed courses may be applied to an Associate Degree in Marketing at MxCC.

Certificate Requirements

Jobs You Can Get With a Customer Service Management Certificate

This certificate prepares you to seek employment in customer service departments. Work most often includes direct interaction with dissatisfied clients, using skills such as listening, empathizing, patience and problem solving. The job will require knowledge in business skills, sales, and computers, some of which will be learned in the program and some which will be learned through on-the-job training. Students planning to open a business may also benefit from this certificate by learning customer services skills for running a business. This degree is also for people who already work in the customer service field and who are looking to build their skill sets.

How Long Will You Have To Go To School?

The Certificate in Customer Service Management is a program that takes typical full-time students about two semesters to complete. Individual course load, progress and need for additional coursework may extend the timeframe for certificate completion.

Job Availability & Growth:

Jobs that had been outsourced overseas in recent years are trending again to U.S.-based operations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics. Many businesses are starting their own customer service departments, which means increased potential for job growth. Opportunity in this field is favorable and growth trends are positive.

Salary Information:

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