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The Therapeutic Recreation Certificate program at Middlesex Community College is one of three certificates students may earn in our dynamic Human Services program. Start on your way toward a very fulfilling career with a certificate today! You can earn all three certificate areas, get a degree – and get a strong competitive edge from Middlesex Community College today.

Certificate in Therapeutic Recreation

This program is designed to qualify students to work in the field of gerontology as Therapeutic Recreation Specialists or Directors. Students who qualify for the certificate, meet the standards established in the public health code of the State of Connecticut for workers in chronic care, long term care facilities, and assisted living facilities. This certificate can also be used toward therapeutic recreation work in facilities working with children, adolescents, or adults with special needs.

This program educates and trains students to work with elder populations through studies in written and oral communications, sociology, psychology, human services, therapeutic recreation, and field work.

Academic Requirements

Certificates in Therapeutic Recreation, Juvenile Justice,  and Substance Abuse Education may be taken concurrently with the Human Services Associate Degree. These help develop counseling, interviewing and interventional skills, conflict resolution skills, advocacy and other skills necessary to the Human Services profession.

Certificate Requirements

Jobs You Can Get With A Therapeutic Recreation Certificate

A Therapeutic Recreation Certificate from MxCC will help students enter the human services field employed in therapeutic recreation. The certificate is required to work directly in this field and position. Jobs in the Therapeutic Recreation field include working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, senior centers and adult day centers.

The job includes working with seniors in a therapeutic recreational capacity through sensory stimulation exercises, arts and crafts, physical exercise, reminiscence, and other programming to increase quality of life.

How Long Will You Have To Go To School?

If all courses are offered and no remedial courses are necessary, the program can possibly be finished in one year.

Job Availability and Growth:

The field of Therapeutic Recreation is expected to grow in response to the needs of aging baby-boomers.

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