The Communication Studies degree program is primarily designed for students intending to transfer to a bachelor degree program in communication or media, or a related field such as writing, public relations, journalism, advertising, organizational or corporate communications.

This degree program takes most students about two years to complete. Individual course load and need for any additional classes may affect the time it takes for degree completion. Students are encouraged to transfer to a four-year degree program in this or a related discipline after completing this degree.

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The associate degree in Communication from MxCC prepares students for entry-level employment in fields where communication skills and knowledge are valuable, such as print communications, journalism, media communications, mass media journalism, local newspapers, public relations, promotion, publicity, corporate communications, film, television, photojournalism, advertising, copywriting, reporting, community services and other related areas. Click here for additional information.

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The Communication degree program is compiled of 60-62 credits that will give students a strong foundation in communication and media as well as a solid core of liberal arts courses.

Degree Requirements

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