This program offers hands-on education in video productions as used in business. Emphasis is on creating marketing, training, instructional and promotional videos. The COM*287, COM*295 and COM*293 Corporate Media Practicum act as capstone courses providing students with experience in producing corporate video productions for businesses, non-profits and government agencies in preparation for employment.

greenpixel Job Outlook

Corporate media professionals tend to be generalists therefore this program provides students with a variety of production experiences including writing scripts, camera operation, video editing, web production and video streaming as they apply to business to prepare them for corporate media jobs.

greenpixel Degree Requirements

The Digital Media Production A.S. degree program requires 61 credits, including program requirements, electives and general education courses. In their first year students learn the foundations of media production through courses in writing, media studies, aesthetics and production. The second year is devoted to the selection of a series of specialized classes in preparation for a senior thesis project and internship.

As the certificate is comprised entirely of courses within MxCC’s Digital Media Production A.S. degree, students may switch to pursue the full degree instead of or in addition to the certificate with no penalties.

greenpixel Certificate Requirements

This certificate is a 30-credit occupational certificate program intended as a stackable credential for students looking to specialize Corporate Media production. When enrolling in this program as a standalone occupational certificate, it is recommended that students entering the program either have an associate’s degree or higher or are enrolled in the Digital Media Production Associate’s degree program to improve employability upon graduation.

Certificate Requirements

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Corporate Media Production Degree Graduation Checklist
Corporate Media Production Certificate Graduation Checklist

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