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Spring 2015 Courses

greenpixel ART*109 Color Theory
greenpixel ART*111 Drawing I
greenpixel ART*112 Drawing II
greenpixel ART*121 Two-Dimensional Design
greenpixel ART*122 Three-Dimensional Design
greenpixel ART*147 Digital Cinematography
greenpixel ART*250 Digital Photography
COM*101 Intro to Mass Media
greenpixel COM*111 Scriptwriting
greenpixel COM*120 Social Media (online)
greenpixel COM*125 New Media Production (on ground & online)
greenpixel COM*131 Audio Production
greenpixel COM*142 Television Production
greenpixel COM*147 Digital Cinematography
greenpixel COM*154 Film Study & Appreciation
greenpixel COM*173 Public Speaking
greenpixel COM*203 Media Literacy
greenpixel COM*226 Journalism I (online)
greenpixel COM*264 Advanced Editing Workshop
greenpixel COM*287 Advanced Media Production
greenpixel COM*293 Corporate Media Production Practicum
greenpixel COM*295 Internship I
greenpixel COM*296 Internship II

greenpixel DGA*101 Intro to Digital Arts
greenpixel DGA*110 Computer Graphics
greenpixel DGA*120 Digital Imaging I
greenpixel DGA*125 New Media Production (on ground and online)
greenpixel DGA*223 Digital Illustration
greenpixel DGA*242 Internet Web Design II
greenpixel DGA*250 Interactive Multimedia Production
greenpixel DGA*256 3D Animation Foundations
greenpixel DGA*257 Motion Graphics and Effects
greenpixel GRA*251 Advanced Graphic Design
greenpixel GRA*296 Graphic Design Internship
greenpixel MUS*117 Electronic Music