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greenpixel DGA*101, 3 Credits,
 Introduction to Digital Arts
 A hands-on introduction to the field of digital multimedia which integrates text, images, graphics, sounds, video, and animation in an interactive computer environment. Students will learn about multimedia technology, terminology, production techniques, and software. Production work will include an introduction to multimedia authoring.

greenpixel DGA*110, 3 Credits,
 Computer Graphics 
An introduction to the computer as a tool for art and media imaging. Basic computer skills and an introduction to the major applications used for digital illustration, image manipulation, and page layout.

greenpixel DGA*120, 3 Credits,
 Digital Imaging I
 Students will receive in-depth instruction in the leading digital image editing software which is used in commercial graphics, video production and multimedia. This software is used to edit and manipulate scanned photographs and other images using masking, retouching and other special effects. Topics covered include: image creation and editing; digital scanning; digital color theory and file formats; typographic effects; advanced filter techniques; automation and performance options; and hardware considerations. Prerequisites: DGA*110 or permission of the instructor. Recommended: ART*121.

greenpixel DGA*125, 3 Credits,
 New Media Production
 This course is an introduction to the production of new media. New media is an emerging communications technology that adds on-demand interactive access to media content fostering creative participation and community formation. Students will learn to develop and produce a variety of digital media including audio, video, photography, animation and web design and make that media accessible over the Internet and mobile devices through wikis, blogs, podcasts and social media. Students will use professional media creation tools such as cameras, video and audio editing applications, content management systems and Internet radio, music creation and podcast software.

greenpixel DGA*182, 3 Credits,
 Digital Video Technology
 This course examines digital video technology with emphasis on the video production workflow including digital video theory, content acquisition, asset management, post-production and distribution. Students will learn the tools necessary to integrate video footage with computer graphics, animation, visual effects and interactivity. Preparing and compressing video for a variety of applications and platforms including SD/ HD broadcast television, DVD, Internet and network streaming will also be covered. Prerequisite: One of the following: COM*142, DGA*101, or DGA*110.

greenpixel DGA*223, 3 Credits,
 Digital Illustration
 Students will receive in-depth instruction in this leading illustration software package which is used in commercial graphics, video production and multimedia. This software explores the use of spline-based drawing tools and the various techniques used to create vector-based artwork. Topics covered include Bezier curve construction, path editing, color and custom gradients, patterns, typographic effects, filter techniques, printing and output options, and hardware considerations. Prerequisites: DGA*110 or permission of the instructor.  Recommended: ART*121.

greenpixel DGA*231, 3 Credits,
 Digital Page Design I
 Students will receive in-depth instruction in this leading desktop publishing software package which is used in commercial graphics and multimedia. Desktop publishing software is used for creating layouts of text, graphics, photographs and other visual images for print. This course provides the hands-on instruction to create publication files and templates for typical office documents, technical manuals, marketing literature, books, newsletters, magazines and package design. T opics include: digital typography; style sheets, layout grids and master page techniques, graphic design fundamentals, image processing effects, overprinting, trapping and color palette systems, plugin architecture and common desktop publishing issues.  Prerequisites: DGA*110 or permission of the instructor. Recommended: ART*121.

greenpixel DGA*241, 3 Credits,
 Internet Web Design I
 An introduction to graphic and multimedia design used in web page and site creation by teaching basic design concepts essential to good Web publishing. This course discusses the anatomy of a Web page, identifies design elements and tackles design issues such as the constraints of designing effective web sites across different browsers and platforms, monitor size and resolution, color palettes, and graphic file size. This course also covers the design process including project planning, mapping, interface design, prototyping, analyzing and organizing content, hyperlinks and page layout using tables, grids and frames. Students will use industry standard applications for coding HTML and creating, editing and integrating graphics and multimedia elements. Prerequisites: DGA*110 or permission of the instructor. Recommended: DGA*202 and ART*121.

greenpixel DGA*242, 3 Credits, 
Internet Web Design II
 A continuation of DGA*241 that explores the creative and technical design processes behind successful communicative and interactive Web page construction. Topics covered will include color and typographic relationships; graphic and media production techniques; graphic design and layout considerations; and usefulness and effectiveness of current Web technologies, including audio, video, animation and scripting options. Students’ experience will include the production of various Web pages and culminate with the creation of several Web sites. Prerequisite: DGA*241.

greenpixelDGA*250, 3 Credits, 
Interactive Multimedia Production Students will explore the various multimedia authoring programs used in the industry. Authoring is the software that integrates sound, images, and graphics in an interactive environment. Various programming languages particular to each package, importing various media elements and cross platform production will be covered. Prerequisite: DGA*101 or permission of the instructor.

greenpixel DGA*260, 3 Credits,
 An introduction to the creative and technical processes behind the animated image. Through theories, instructions, visual examples, and hands-on production students will learn the fundamental principles of animation. Students will explore 2-dimensional cel, stop-motion, 2-dimensional digital, and motion graphic techniques. Additional topics covered will include: storyboarding; character development; time-lapse photography; collage techniques; and basic editing aesthetics. Students’ experience will include the production of various animated projects in a number of different formats ranging from the printed page to computer-based digital image. Prerequisite: DGA*110 or permission of the instructor.