Steven Yablonski ’09, a graduate of the Broadcast Communications (now Broadcast-Cinema) program, has been working at WFSB since he graduated from MxCC. He started as a part-time intern and was hired full-time to be the managing editor of WFSB’s website. Besides updating the website, he also manages WFSB’s social media accounts.

Steven attended three other colleges before settling at MxCC, which he found to be the perfect fit. Read more about Steve and how his time at MxCC prepared him for the job he has today.



Where are you living now?

What was your major?
Broadcast Communications.

Where do you work?

WFSB. I’m the Managing Editor of

What originally brought you to MxCC?
Advice. A professor from Naugatuck Valley Community College told me I should be going to MxCC for my chosen career path. Best advice I’ve ever taken.

Did you do an internship at MxCC?
I actually took my internship when I was at Naugatuck Valley at MSNBC before I transferred to MxCC.

How did MxCC prepare you for your job now?1025509_10151661982293630_2132824316_o

I went to three other colleges before finally ending up and graduating from Middlesex. The hands-on experience I received from working on the campus newspaper, the computer labs, the TV studio and the equipment really helped me. It was a lot easier to get a grasp on the business by learning that way, rather than just sitting there reading from a textbook.

What was your favorite thing about MxCC?
It’s way more personal than a massive university, where I feel as though you’re just a social security number. At MxCC everything seems so personal. Professors actually cared about what you were doing to prepare, and it was even better that people in my classes were doing what I wanted to do. So everyone (for the most part) tried equally as hard to make it a great experience.