Professional Production Workshop July 6–August 7
Advanced Media Production

This summer, work on a television pilot with network level media professionals. At the Professional Summer Institute, you will work on the latest equipment in a brand new production studio, and earn six college credits for the price of three credits. 

In this hands-on workshop, three small, collaborative teams will work with media professionals from ESPN, CPTV, Hi5netTV, and others to learn the techniques up-and-comers need to pitch and produce commercially successful media programming. Each team will produce a mini television pilot and pitch its episodic series to a panel of industry judges. 

Production Teams

Students will choose either production or post-production. Production areas include camera, lighting, sound, assistant producing, and directing. Post-production areas include editing, post-production audio and music, graphics, and effects.

Only 15 production students and 15 post-production students will get to participate.

Students will be organized into teams with a faculty-media professional leading each team.

Class Schedule

July 6–August 7
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Students must register for two courses.

COM*153—Film Production or COM*264—Advanced Editing Workshop
COM*294—Media Arts Workshop (All students must register for this course.)

COM*295—Internship—MxCC students who have previously taken COM*153 or COM*264 may use COM*295 or make special arrangements to participate in the program.

 How To Apply

APPLY HERE Deadline is June 1, 2015
This advanced summer workshop is a selective enrollment program. Students must have taken a video production course or have some production experience to be accepted.

Cost: $518. One course is free! Students selected for this program will earn six credits for the price of three.

For More Information, Contact:

Professor John Shafer or 860-343-5811
Roynn Lisa Simmons or 860-343-5828