Congratulations of Karla Santos ’15, recent graduate, who is now interning at WTNH Channel 8.

As the News Intern, she mainly works at the assignment desk investigating stories, writing stories, and setting up interviews. She goes out on the field with photographers and reporters to shoot interviews and sometimes broadcasts live from location. She also sits in the control room during live shows and learns how the producers and directors run the live shows. Weather is a different department, but she has had the opportunity to go out with meteorologists and cover weather related stories.

Karla credits Middlesex Community College for preparing her for this internship. She felt that the writing, editing, and production courses were more than useful and trained her well for this opportunity.

“I have to admit that I was nervous, but I knew that MxCC had prepared me with a set of skills that were perfect for the position,” said Karla. “Before the interview, I talked to some professors that gave me professional advice, and that helped build my confidence.”

The internship process was smooth. She applied for the internship and sent all of the needed documents with a recommendation letter from Peter Galgano, media associate for the Center for New Media. The best part was she found out the same day that she was selected for the internship!

Karla’s goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism at UCONN, where she is transferring to this fall. Someday she would love to be a reporter to broadcast the news. This internship seems like the perfect stepping stone to reach her career goals.

hkinneyinternCongratulations to Hollie Kinney ’14, recent graduate, who is now interning at WFSB Channel 3!

Hollie heard about the paid internship from some of her classmates who were interning at WFSB. In fact, two of her former classmates are now working there. She made a connection about the internship with her Broadcast Journalism class instructor, Patience Hettrick, who is the Assistant News Director at WFSB. She also knew people who worked at WFSB who recommended her.

“The industry is about 60/40,” said Hollie. “Forty percent is what you know and sixty percent is who you know.”

Since many programs in the Center for New Media require a hands-on internship, it’s important to become familiar with the internship process. Hollie described the process of obtaining the internship as lengthy, so she was even more excited and thrilled when she found out she was accepted for the position. Hollie felt that where was a lot of competition out there for internships, especially in the broadcasting and media fields, but she was determined to not give up.

And her hard work did pay off. During her internship orientation, she found out that only 5 interns were pick out of 200+ applicants. She was also the only applicant from MxCC to be given the chance to intern at WFSB this summer. Her internship is completely hands-on. She has been the teleprompter for multiple newscasts including the noon show, the 5 p.m. show, the 5:30 p.m. show, and the 6 p.m. show.

“It was very nerve wracking when I did my first show on my own,” she said. “But everyone there is so helpful so if I ever have any problems, I never feel uncomfortable asking for help.”

She has also gone out with reporters on location to shoot breaking news stories and interviews and has sat in on multiple edit sessions with some of the editors that work on putting the news shows together. She has also worked with the web producers wrote a news piece that was published on the website.

“Without the experience that I had at MxCC, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to work in such a competitive and fast-paced environment such as this one,” said Hollie. “Without earning my Associate’s Degree in Broadcast-Cinema I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be currently working for my (hopefully) future employer.  The program teaches you about the technical aspects of the media world, but also about writing for all media outlets (web, social media, news, tv, etc), the importance of networking in the industry, and having self-confidence and determination to reach your goals.  I plan to return to school to earn my Bachelor’s Degree, but Middlesex has given me a foundation to stand and grow on, and I am proud to be an MxCC Broadcast-Cinema graduate.”

Hollie is hoping to turn this opportunity into a career after the internship ends in August. Good luck, Hollie!

Since this blog post was written, Hollie has finished her internship and has accepted a job as Morning News editor at WTNH News Channel 8. Congrats!


Today Larry McConkey, award-winning Steadicam operator, gave a demonstration and talked to students in the Advanced Media Production class. Larry McConkey is considered one of the top steadicam operators in the world and has shot some of the most impressive and famous steadicam shots in the history of film.

Some of his credits include: 12 Years a Slave, World War Z , Django Unchained, Hugo, Shutter Island, American Gangster, The Bourne Ultimatum,   The Sopranos, The Good Shepherd, Kill Bill: 1 & 2, The Silence of the Lambs,Vanilla Sky, Finding Forester, Mission to Mars and more. Visit his IMDB page for a full list.

This is one of the first of many speakers that will be visiting MxCC as part of the Center for New Media.

Job Search

Congratulations to broadcast-cinema student Cody Buffinton, who just landed an internship at Warner Brothers’ “The People’s Court” in Stamford. As you may know, all students in degree programs in the Center for New Media must complete an internship before they graduate. Internships are a great way for students to get real-world experience. But sometimes students don’t know where to start when trying to find an internship. And many students don’t realize the resources they have at MxCC! Read Cody’s story to learn more about the internship process at MxCC.

Cody had an internship lined up for the spring, but it ended up falling through. Armed with an internship list that he got from his professor, he called and visited many places on the list, only to find that they had all filled up. Cody is graduating in May and needed the internship to graduate so the pressure was mounting. With the semester starting in just a few weeks, he called Professor Rich Lenoce for some leads.

Professor Lenoce used his Center for New Media industry contacts to find productions that were beginning to film in CT that needed assistance. Production for “The People’s Court” was gearing up and producers and the director needed on-set assistance. Within an hour, Cody found out that they were looking for interns so he sent over his resume. A half an hour later, they called him back and said the internship was his if he wanted it!

Wasting no time, Cody visited the office at “The People’s Court,” met everyone at the office, and set his hours. Right now, Cody is working two days a week. So far he’s learned how to guests are booked on the show and how to work with the audience. Soon he will work on editing the shows.

All around, this partnership with “The People’s Court” has worked out for everyone. Because of this positive experience, Cody’s supervisor at his internship hopes to hire more interns from MxCC in the future. And now that Cody has secured an internship, he is ready to graduate from MxCC in May. The internship process can be daunting, but if you look to the resources provided for you at MxCC, you just may land the internship of your dreams.

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