hkinneyinternCongratulations to Hollie Kinney ’14, recent graduate, who is now interning at WFSB Channel 3!

Hollie heard about the paid internship from some of her classmates who were interning at WFSB. In fact, two of her former classmates are now working there. She made a connection about the internship with her Broadcast Journalism class instructor, Patience Hettrick, who is the Assistant News Director at WFSB. She also knew people who worked at WFSB who recommended her.

“The industry is about 60/40,” said Hollie. “Forty percent is what you know and sixty percent is who you know.”

Since many programs in the Center for New Media require a hands-on internship, it’s important to become familiar with the internship process. Hollie described the process of obtaining the internship as lengthy, so she was even more excited and thrilled when she found out she was accepted for the position. Hollie felt that where was a lot of competition out there for internships, especially in the broadcasting and media fields, but she was determined to not give up.

And her hard work did pay off. During her internship orientation, she found out that only 5 interns were pick out of 200+ applicants. She was also the only applicant from MxCC to be given the chance to intern at WFSB this summer. Her internship is completely hands-on. She has been the teleprompter for multiple newscasts including the noon show, the 5 p.m. show, the 5:30 p.m. show, and the 6 p.m. show.

“It was very nerve wracking when I did my first show on my own,” she said. “But everyone there is so helpful so if I ever have any problems, I never feel uncomfortable asking for help.”

She has also gone out with reporters on location to shoot breaking news stories and interviews and has sat in on multiple edit sessions with some of the editors that work on putting the news shows together. She has also worked with the web producers wrote a news piece that was published on the website.

“Without the experience that I had at MxCC, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to work in such a competitive and fast-paced environment such as this one,” said Hollie. “Without earning my Associate’s Degree in Broadcast-Cinema I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be currently working for my (hopefully) future employer.  The program teaches you about the technical aspects of the media world, but also about writing for all media outlets (web, social media, news, tv, etc), the importance of networking in the industry, and having self-confidence and determination to reach your goals.  I plan to return to school to earn my Bachelor’s Degree, but Middlesex has given me a foundation to stand and grow on, and I am proud to be an MxCC Broadcast-Cinema graduate.”

Hollie is hoping to turn this opportunity into a career after the internship ends in August. Good luck, Hollie!

Since this blog post was written, Hollie has finished her internship and has accepted a job as Morning News editor at WTNH News Channel 8. Congrats!

Four Center for New Media students are the recipients of the 2014 Middlesex Community College Academic Awards. These awards recognize high-level of academic performance at the College. Hollie Kinney, Mary McAndrew, Lindsay Grote, and Eleanor Gambardella were chosen by faculty to receive this award.

marymcandrew holliekinney lindsay

Hollie Kinney is the Broadcast-Cinema department’s winner. Hollie is an extremely dedicated and talented student. She has gone above and beyond in her studies, while working a part-time job and doing an internship with MxCC’s Corporate Media Center. After graduation, Hollie will continue her first editor job on a feature length movie called Charlie Gorman’s Wake, which is being shot mainly in Wallingford. She is looking for a summer internship and hopes to get one at WFSB or Viacom. She would like to return to school to earn her bachelor’s degree in the future, but her ultimate goal is to become an Academy Award-winning editor someday. We think she can totally achieve that goal!

Mary McAndrew is the Communication department’s winner. Mary has done well at Middlesex, juggling a waitressing job, her internship, and her schoolwork. She graduated from MxCC in 1989 with an associate’s degree in Human Services. After working in the field for over 20 years, she decided to change her career. After returning to MxCC to get an associate’s degree in Communication, she now has a new skillset and is ready to re-tackle the world. After graduation, Mary hopes to land a job in the communications field. She would love a job writing for an environmental magazine or working in public relations. Best of luck to you!

Lindsay Grote is the Digital Arts/Multimedia department’s winner. Lindsay has excelled at MxCC, despite being a part of many extracurricular activities and work. She is a full time student, a club representative on Student Senate, the president of Phi Theta Kappa, a volunteer firefighter, and works part-time. Lindsay entered into the Digital Arts/Multimedia program having taken advantage of the Career Pathways Program. This program provided the opportunity for Lindsay to earn college credits toward her degree during her senior year giving her a true head start toward achieving her desired goals. Her culminating capstone project has brought all of her skills together in the production of an original children’s illustrated book. Combining traditional illustration and drawing skills with photographs and digital compositing techniques, Lindsay has created both hard copy book formats, as well as an interactive, animated digital version of her story. After she graduates this spring, she will transfer to Central Connecticut State University to work towards her bachelor’s degree in graphic design. We wish her luck as she moves on from MxCC!

Eleanor Gambardella is the Fine Arts: Graphic Design department’s winner. Eleanor is a freelance web designer/developer, singer, composer and musician. She already holds an associate’s degree in Digital Arts/Multimedia from MxCC, and made the 2010 Connecticut All State Academic Team and the 2010 USA Today All State Academic Team. She was honored at the state capitol and given a proclamation from Governor Rell, received the 2010 Multimedia/Digital Arts Academic Achievement Award, was the co-vice president of public relations for Phi Theta Kappa and was acting president for most of the spring 2010 semester. This semester, she is taking her last two classes to complete her associate’s degree in Fine Arts: Graphic Design. Her goal is to combine digital arts and web design with visual arts and music for a healing multimedia experience, focusing within the online music industry. After graduation, she will continue to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts at Charter Oak State University. Good luck, El!

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Three MxCC students Dan Dalhstrom, Hollie Kinney, and Andrew Saxe, along with MxCC’s Film Industry Training Program graduate, Kerey Viswanathan, took home two awards from the 48 Hour Film Project.  The team’s short film titled John & Clara won the Best Writing Award and the Audience Award.

“Being able to participate in this film project was my first real experience of being a part of an actual filmmaking crew,” said Hollie Kinney, broadcast-cinema major and Meriden resident.  “Through this project I was able to get more experience in post-production, which will help me further my career in the film business.”

“This is a great hands-on experience for our students and we are glad they have been recognized with these two awards,” said Rich Lenoce, director of MxCC’s Center for New Media.

The team from MxCC worked under the name Third Eye Productions.  The team worked around the clock from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28 to write, produce, film, and edit their short film.

The team was formed with the help of Dan Nocera, coordinator of MxCC’s Corporate Media Center.  “I am always happy to help connect our students to the industry,” said Nocera.  “Kerey asked me if I knew a great editor and writer for this project and I suggested Hollie and Andrew, who are two very talented students.”

John & Clara is a romance involving two assassins and a detective. The film was screened at the ceremony to more than 100 people at the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport.  John & Clara can be viewed on YouTube.

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