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Are you looking for a career in science that will allow you to work with technology, conduct research and participate in innovation? Biotechnology is the fascinating field of harnessing biological processes and information to create products and develop technologies that address human problems. Vaccines, hazardous waste clean-up, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, genetically tailored treatments, biofuels and more – all require skilled workers in production facilities and research laboratories.

The Biotechnology program at MxCC was one of the first in the state, and has recently been revised to ensure that students get a solid foun­dation in key biological concepts and information, mastery of laboratory skills and practices, and understanding of current issues to meet the needs of a higher education and/or employment. The newly revised biotechnology program has more time for hands on techniques learning in the lab.

Academic Requirements

Get hands-on laboratory experience in molecular biology, genetics, microbiology and biochemistry. The program includes 61 credits in total, which can be completed in two years and requires an internship.
Degree Requirements

Jobs You Can Get With a Biotechnology Degree:

Graduates may seek employment in the areas of pharmaceutical research and manufacturing, in the food industry, medical field, and academic/industrial research.  Our students are highly sought after for internships by employers in the biotechnology industry. Through these internships, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience for a real edge in the workforce.

How Long Will You Have to go to School?

This is an associate degree program that can be completed by full-time students in two calendar years. Individual progress and need for additional courses may affect the time it takes for degree completion.

Continued education in a bachelor’s degree program is necessary for more opportunities in the field.

Job Availability & Growth:

Overall, employment opportunities in the field of Biotechnology are growing.  Like most other occupations, there are periods of ups and downs, but Biotechnology is generally a steady fast growing field.

Salary Information:

The salaries for professionals in the field of biotechnology are well-paying and fast growing, starting at around $26,000 for entry-level positions in Connecticut, and rising to $35,000- $45,000 and more.

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Downloadable Program Forms & Documents:

Biotechnology Graduation Checklist

For information, contact:

Michelle Kraczkowski

Assistant Professor & Biotechnology Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-343-5747
Office Location: Wheaton 217
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