Fine Arts/Fine Arts and Graphic Design Tracks

Art_5516You love art and people have always said you’re good at it. You have a keen eye for design and enjoy working on creative projects. You like to work hard on the details that make things look good – from your art to your surroundings. You work hard – and it pays off.

Now you can start on a career that brings your curiosity and passion for art together in a growing career field with many opportunities for the future.

Start right away at Middlesex Community College with an Associate Degree in Fine Arts. You can concentrate on Fine Arts and Graphics Design tracks as you move forward toward a fulfilling career. The educational experience at MxCC offers a competitive edge for your future employment in a variety of fields, including marketing, advertising, publishing, printing, art directing, artistic design, multimedia design, illustration, animation, photography and Web design.

Academic Requirements

Degree Requirements

The Fine Arts degree program at Middlesex Community College is a 60-credit program, including 24 credits focused specifically for either track of study. The degree typically takes two years to complete.

The Fine Arts Track gives students experience focused in areas including art history, sculpture, watercolor, photography and illustration – and much more.

The Graphic Design Track prepares students for future work in computer graphics, digital design, advanced drawing and illustration, as well as photography, art history and more. Following graduation, you will be prepared to find employment in a graphic design field or transfer to a four-year college.

Jobs You Can Get With A Fine Arts Degree

IMG_2682The Associate Degree in Fine Arts gives students specific skills for a general advantage when applying for jobs that require a degree. This degree is meant to teach students necessary artistic skills, not to be an occupational degree.

It’s possible to find niche markets working as an artist, such as muralist, gallery painter, portrait artist, etc.  Illustration and photography are also fields to consider while studying in this program. The skills gained through the Fine Arts program at Middlesex will help those pursuing any artistic career.

With further formal education it is possible to become an art teacher, a gallery or museum worker, or an art director.  It is important for a student to research the required education for any of these fields.

Jobs You Can Get With A Fine Arts/Graphic Design Track Degree

This two-year degree helps students access entry-level jobs in the graphic design field, or work as a freelance graphic designer. *

With further education, (a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or related disciplines) career options can grow to include Graphic Designer, Creative/Art Director, Layout Artist, Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Animator, Illustrator, Technical Illustrator, Multimedia Designer, Photographer, Prepress Technician, Web Designer, or Freelance Designer.

* Someone considering freelance design should also consider taking some courses in running a business.

How Long Will You Have To Go To School?

multimediaThe Fine Arts Degree at Middlesex Community College takes most students two years to complete. Individual course load and need for any additional courses may affect the time it takes for degree completion.

This degree requires no further formal education but it is recommended that one continue art studies.

Transfer to a four-year college is recommended for the graphic design track. Continued education in a bachelor’s and then master’s degree program is encouraged for those who would like to seek work in a higher level design position. Many students choose to double major or minor in similar fields such as illustration, photography or Web design. These decisions will determine how long you have to go to school.

Sample Salary Information:

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Job Availability & Growth:

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, there is an estimated employment of 2,490 jobs for graphic designers in Connecticut.

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Connecticut’s Industries and Occupations Forecast 2007 there are 70 new annual openings for graphic designers in Connecticut.

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