General Studies Online

Are you looking for completing an Associate Degree in General Studies fully online?  Come to Middlesex Community College!  Middlesex Community College offers a wide variety of fully online courses.  Learning online gives you a flexibility to  earn a degree while working or taking care of your family.  By taking all online courses, you are able to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies with Liberal Arts  focus.  The following lists selected fully online courses that help you fulfill the degree requirements in General  Studies. Click here for up-to-date online offerings.  Click here for more detailed information about General Studies program.  Click here for further information about online learning.

General  Education by Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredits
Fully Online Courses
Communication Skills
- ENG* 101 Composition (placement test required)
- ENG* I02 Literature & Composition

- Choose one of the following:
BMG* 204 Managerial Communications or COM*226 Journalism or
COM* 173 Public Speaking or ENG*200 Advanced Composition or
ENG*202 Technical Writing or ENG* 281 Creative Writing.


Computer Skills
One course from Computer Applications, Information Systems, or Digital Arts. Students with proficient computer skills may opt to take a computer placement test to waive the requirement, substituting an open elective.


Mathematics (placement test required)
MAT* 104 or higher. Students planning on transferring to a four-year institution should check with an advisor; specific math courses may be required.

3 (4)

Fine Arts
One course from those listed under Art, Digital Arts, Music, or Theater.


One course from those listed under Art, Communication (selected courses+, Digital Arts, English, Languages, Music, Philosophy, or Theater.


More English and Art courses are listed in Communication Skills and Fine Arts categories .
Social Science
Two courses from those listed under Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology


One science course, with or without a lab, from those listed under Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Health, or Physical Science.


  • BIO*110 Principles of Human Body

  • BIO*111 Intro to Nutrition

  • EVS*100 Intro to Environmental Science

  • EAS 106 Natural Disasters

  • AST*101 Principles of Astronomy#

  • EAS*102 Earth Science#

Liberal Arts Electives
Two additional courses selected from Humanities, Mathematics, Science, or Social Science categories (see above).


Refer to the courses listed above in Humanities, Mathematics, Science, or Social Science categories.
Open Electives
Any credit courses offered by the college to meet a student's interests and goals (courses must be numbered 100 and above).


Refer to the courses listed in the above categories.
More courses may be considered:
  • BMG* 202 Principles of Management

  • BMK* 201 Principles of Marketing

  • BMK* 216 Internet Marketing#

  • BMK* 103 Principles of Retailing#

  • BBG* 101 Intro to Business#

  • BES* 118 Small Business Management#

Total Credits

60 (63)

# These courses may not be offered online every semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Visit Distance Learning > Online Classes for a complete course schedule..
NOTE: The following requirements DO NOT ask a student to take   additional courses. However, these types of courses must be included in a   student’s course selections. See L & D course listings in the   catalog:
(2) “L” – Library Skills courses (6 credits minimum). Note: ENG 101 & 102 meet this requirement.
(I) “D” – Diversity course (3 credits minimum)
(2) 200-Level Courses (6 credits minimum)
Eligible Communication courses include: COM 111, 116, 154, 155, 156, 173, 179, 203, 226, 255.