Liberal Arts and Science

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Science

You have many strengths and interests – you’re good at math and science and you also enjoy learning. Your hard work has always helped you succeed – and now you want to apply your interests and work toward an exciting career that you really enjoy.

Start right away at Middlesex Community College with a Liberal Arts & Science degree.

This degree offers students an opportunity to focus on gaining course credits that directly transfer to a bachelor’s degree program after MxCC. The entire curriculum has been carefully designed to meet general education bachelor’s degree program requirements for transfer students planning to study at Connecticut colleges and universities


Academic Requirements

The Liberal Arts and Science degree program offers a broad range of general knowledge, with courses from public speaking to technical writing, and from computer science to art and music. The program is designed in two tracks. Students selecting the humanities track will focus more on social sciences and liberal arts courses including English, History, Philosophy, Languages, and Anthropology. The Science Track targets coursework in mathematics as well as in various areas of science. Students will develop strong writing, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

Degree Requirements


Jobs You Can Get With A  Liberal Arts and Science Degree:

The Liberal Arts and Science Degree from Middlesex Community College will give a student an advantage when applying for jobs versus an applicant with no degree.  However, the Liberal Arts and Science Degree is designed to be a transfer degree, created for the student looking to transfer to a 4-year school after graduating.  It is NOT an occupational degree.


How Long Will You Have To Go To School?

This degree is a 2-year program.  The amount of time it takes to complete the degree depends on the student’s course load.  Since this is a transfer program, it is a given that the student will continue to a four-year college.  Further education will determine the amount of time the student spends in school.


Job Availability& Growth:

Varies according to the chosen field.  Most careers are in the higher-level medical and health-related fields.


Salary Information:

Varies depending on many factors, including the chosen career, amount of education received, and the employer.

 Downloadable Program Forms & Documents


For more information, contact the Office of Enrollment at 860.343.5719.


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