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Associate Degree in Technology Studies

Are you interested in an inexpensive pathway to a 4-year institution or specializing in a technical field and entering the workforce? Now you can take your passion and skills to work in the technical field of your choice. Take the first step today with the Associate Degree in Technology Studies program at MxCC.

Degree Requirements

Technology Studies: Manufacturing Machine Technology Option at MxCC

IMG_0061webThe Technology Studies program at Middlesex Community College is a specialized curriculum that helps you begin technology or engineering technology studies at any of the state’s 12 Community Colleges, with the ultimate goal of achieving a four-year, bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology. In addition to the statewide pathway program, we offer specialized training in manufacturing technology. Our mission is to prepare students for rewarding and lucrative careers in manufacturing and to provide local manufacturers the skilled human resources required to compete in the global economy. Along the way, you have the opportunity to earn an associate degree, gain sought-after skills and explore careers in fields projected to enjoy employment growth in the coming years. This program allows you to continue related studies at participating colleges and universities statewide without any loss of credit.

This program provides a primary level of essential skills and knowledge to individuals seeking a career in the machine technology profession. Our associate degree program combines a general studies background with the technical skills provided by the certificate program. This program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to earn a two year degree with the option of providing seamless transfer to four year institutions in the state. Let us help you get started today!

Academic Requirements

IMG_0048web - CopyThe Technology Science degree program at Middlesex Community College is part of the School of Technology through the Connecticut Community College system. It is a 65-66 credit track of study that typically takes full-time students about two years to complete. You will gain knowledge in areas including chemistry, physics, mathematics, technology, chemistry, manufacturing, and more. Middlesex offers a Manufacturing Machine Technology option or you can transfer your credits to another state community college that offers other options. Transfer to a four-year college to receive a bachelor’s degree in science.

Employment Outlook in Connecticut

The opportunities in manufacturing are much better than average. Contrary to what some people may think, manufacturing is far from dead.  In the state of Connecticut, there are approximately 161,000 people employed within the manufacturing sector.  It’s about 10% of the workforce.  With the surge in aerospace technology, the demand for high skill workers will increase over the next 10 years.  In addition, the workforce is aging and manufacturers face a real challenge of replacing those workers.  According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, approximately 60% of the workforce in Manufacturing is over the age of 45 and 30.6 % is over 55.  A 2014 Survey of Connecticut Manufacturing Workforce Needs stated the following:

  • Many employers have current and continuing demand for skilled employees, but can’t find candidates with the qualifications and skills to fill the positions.
  • The State of Connecticut has invested heavily in the manufacturing sector. Each new job in manufacturing creates an additional 1.5-4 jobs in other sectors.
  • Manufacturers pay an average hourly wage of $22.83 with full fringe benefits. With the shortage of skilled workers there are frequent opportunities for overtime.
  • 69% of respondents to the survey, are developing targeted hiring and recruitment plans.
  • Nearly 1/3 of manufacturers are developing or expanding an apprenticeship program.
  • Manufacturers stated there is greater satisfaction with graduates who have attained higher levels of education as well as technical training relevant to manufacturing.
  • Some of the hardest positions to fill are:
    • Entry-level production
    • CNC machinists
    • Tool makers
    • CNC programmers
    • Engineers

The survey also stated the greatest barrier to expanding Connecticut’s capabilities in advanced manufacturing technology is the lack of needed talent.  Middlesex Community College’s manufacturing program prepares students for these hard to fill positions.

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