According to MxCC’s Academic Policies, a student may withdraw from any course after the add/drop period until the end of the 11th week of the semester (for the Fall and Spring semesters). The withdrawal deadline for accelerated courses is the date at which 75% of the total course time has been completed. A registered student wishing to withdraw MUST submit a withdrawal request, in writing, to the Records Office. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the request is received by the Records Office.

For the request of a withdrawal received prior to the first day of a semester, a refund of 100% of total tuition only will be granted. For the request of a withdrawal received on the first day of classes and through the fourteenth calendar day of that semester, a refund of 50% of total tuition applicable to the courses for which registered will be granted.

  1. Prior to the fourteenth calendar day of a semester, you can either stop by Records Office with your photo ID or FAX (860-344-3055) your request to Records Office without an approval from your instructor. The letter would need to state your intent on dropping the course (course title, CRN) with your signature. We can’t process anything without a signature. A grade of W will be granted by this time.
  2. Beyond the fourteenth calendar day after the first day of classes, no refund of tuition will be granted. Before the 11th week or a semester or 75% of total course time, upon the request of a withdrawal, your professor has a choice of either giving you a grade of W or F. You MUST follow the following procedure to officially withdraw your online class:
    • Fill out the Application for Withdrawal After the Refund Date with your information, class information, and your signature.
    • Seek a signature from your course instructor to give you a grade of W for the course you registered. If you are unable to come to campus (or your instructor is unable to meet with you) to have your instructor sign the form, you can email your professor stating that:”I am seeking your approval to withdraw from your class, (Class Name), and receive a grade of W for the class.”
    • After you receive an approval message from your instructor, submit the approval message and the complete form to Records Office in-person, FAX (860-344-3055) or Email to Records Office staff. If you choose to email the form and the instructor’s approval message, call Records Office at 860-343-5724 to obtain a staff’s email address.¬†For questions about withdrawal of an online class, contact Records Office at 860-343-5724.
  3. After the 11th week of a semester of 75% of total course time, students cannot withdrawal from a course. The student will received a grade based on his or her academic performance.