The importance of mathematical literacy for all students, both in everyday life and in the workplace, has never been greater.”  -NCTM Administrator’s Guide: How to Support and Improve Mathematics Education in Your School.

The Math Division serves nearly every student in a degree program at Middlesex Community College, with a variety of courses for students at every level – remedial through honors mathematics.

Some students enjoy math a great deal before they come to MxCC, but others may need a little help with mathematics topics. The MxCC Mathematics Division works hard to help you succeed in meeting your degree requirements, regardless of the level you start at. We want to make math fun and exciting while helping you learn as part of your program here at MxCC. If you’re taking math because you have to – or, because you truly enjoy it, we are here to help you succeed.

The Mathematics division provides required and elective mathematics courses in support of all other college curricula. See MxCC’s Mathematics Course Sequence.

We strive to meet the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and learning styles by offering on-campus and online sections as well as alternative self-paced learning options for some courses. Most credit mathematics courses incorporate the use of technology. Our excellent and enthusiastic faculty members work hard to provide positive learning opportunities that respect the diversity of our student population. We provide a supportive environment to help students acquire or strengthen mathematical skills for making informed decisions and for transfer to four-year institutions.

The exciting self-paced mastery learning option offered in the developmental course sequence appeals to students who manage time well, are self-motivated and comfortable using computers. It provides an opportunity to spread the content of one course over two or more semesters as well as a chance to complete more than one course during a single semester. For some students, an advantage of moving slowly is that they can take additional time to master concepts fully, completing several, but not all, units in a course during the semester. Then, in the next semester, they can pick up where they left off rather than having to begin all over again. A traditional math course at any other school would have to be repeated from the start by students not finishing on time. For others, a quick review of one course is all they need to be able to complete a second one during the same semester.

New Solutions

We take pride in our student-focused department faculty who bring you high levels of experience, extensive backgrounds in Mathematics and the quality of instruction that will help you succeed. In fact, most of our full-time faculty members are in their third decade of teaching. Many of our students have come in feeling a little nervous about taking college-level math, only to become inspired at how fun and interesting it can be – and how well they were able to learn it, thanks to their instructors who specialize in applying math to daily life beyond degree programs. Let our expert faculty help you learn – and open possibilities for your future!

Our Vision

Mathematics Division strives to facilitate student success and to help students understand the importance of mathematics in today’s world and in their own lives.

Our Mission

The Mathematics Division provides positive and successful learning experiences that help students achieve their goals.

“Not many students are specifically interested in careers in math – but, when they are successful here, they often go on to areas that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Their MxCC math experience really opens doors.”   — P. Frost, Professor of Mathematics

The Mathematics Division: Points of Pride

  • MathworkWe support the general quantitative and critical thinking needs of our students and the more specific mathematical skills needed for our programs as well as transfer.  We offer developmental math as well as the traditional algebra to calculus sequence and other transferable math courses.
  • We have implemented different pedagogies such as Self-Paced instruction, online instruction, Emporium model for Calculus, Paired courses  for Algebra and Combination courses to accelerate the  developmental sequence. We are always willing to move in new directions finding creative ways of making learning possible and interesting, thus satisfying the different learning styles of our students.
  • We are participating in the Transitional Year Program.  This program is a learning community that offers a cross curricular approach to instruction, some opportunities for individualized instruction, and additional academic supports.  Students will take their first math course in the second semester of this year long program.
  • We have implemented common final exams for three courses: Prealgebra, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. These common exams provide more consistency between the multiple sections that are provided for these courses. Additionally, they provide more extensive data to demonstrate student success.
  • We partner with high school math teachers to improvethe college-readiness of our incoming students. Under this partnership, we compare curriculum and assessments, participate in class room observations, as well as share information about Accuplacer (MxCC’s placement instrument).
  • We communicate and collaborate very effectively with the College Learning Center and other support services within the college.  Many of our full time faculty members spend time in the learning center tutoring students.
  • Many of us take the initiative to become proficient in the use of the available educational technology. We have developed materials and approaches that enhance their use of MyCommnet and BlackBoard in the classroom and online to further support our students.
  • We have had winners of Merit Awards and Teaching Excellence awards.
  • Some of us have chaired college committees or College Council and have served on the MATYCONN Board, ATOMIC Board, Science Fair Board, executive boards of community organizations, etc.
  • Some of us have served on system-wide committees such as Math Issues, MBSCC, and Center for Teaching.

The Mathematics Division: In the News

The Middletown Press, February 25, 2013

For More Information:

Mary Rayappan

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Division Chair
Phone: 860-343-5791
Office Location: Wheaton 310

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