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Middlesex Community College is excited to be a participant in a federally-funded program to expand Health & Life Science learning and training opportunities for its students. The goal is to provide individuals with affordable options for gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to find employment in growing fields. We offer a broad variety of programs for students who are interested in patient care, computer science, natural resource management and more.  Some can be completed within a year of study; others prepare students for pursuit of degrees at four-year colleges.

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We can help you complete your program as quickly as possible by providing counseling and prior learning assessment. We will help find internship and job opportunities. We will accommodate schedules by offering more online and hybrid courses. We will offer individual assistance to help you stay in and complete your program with staff that are familiar with Veteran’s benefits, WIA and TAA.

Plus 50

For more information on the Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, a program to help our students over 50, click here or contact Diane Bordonaro at 860-343-5716 (

About the Health & Life Sciences Career Initiative

This HL-SCI initiative will provide targeted certifications, industry-recognized credentials, and Associate degrees to prepare veterans, Trade Adjusted Assistance (TAA) impacted, dislocated, and other un/under-employed workers statewide for careers in health and life sciences through implementation of three evidence-based program strategies: 1) Curriculum innovation will create at least 15 new certificate/degree programs and align for-credit certificate programs with industry-recognized credentials, deliver math and science booster modules online and as “apps”, and deliver online/hybrid learning courses to 2,400 students to accelerate course completion; 2) Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) will enable 675 students to earn 10,000+ college credits for work skills and on-the-job learning, improving achievement rates and reducing time to completion; and 3) Recruitment and Placement Services will help HL-SCI participants find (or start on pathways towards) high-paying jobs in growing industries.

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We are located in Founders Hall Room 104, across from the College Information and Communications Center.

 Kate Miller

Curriculum Innovation Coordinator, Health & Life Sciences
Phone: 860-343-5739
Office Location: Founders Hall, Room 104

Carolyn Sommer

Recruitment & Placement Coordinator
Phone: 860-343-5749
Office Location: Founders Hall, Room 104

Nora Calderon

HL-SCI Program Assistant
Phone: 860-343-5752
Office Location: Founders 104

hlscivettech, Radiology Technology