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In addition to posting information about MxCC training, we will post information on conferences and events related to Distance Learning and Educational Technology. This includes system-wide training as well as regional and national conference opportunities. For reimbursement procedure of attending a regional or national conferences, contact your department secretary.

DateTopic and Description
March 13, 2015OpenEd Forum: Opening Minds, Sharing Knowledge
Boston, MA
Come Learn About the Global Open Education Movement
Inspiring Speakers
Exciting Projects
Copyright and Creative Commons Workshop

Presentations by UMass Boston Faculty, Librarians, Instructional Designers and Special Guests.
Join the UMass Boston eLearning Team and celebrate Open Education Week with faculty members, librarians, instructional designers, and friends.

Learn about the benefits of open education, how to find and share open educational resources, and how to save money on textbooks. Attend a workshop on copyright and Creative Commons and learn how to publish your work on ScholarWorks, OpenCourseWare and iTunes U, and deliver your online open course on the new OpenEducation platform by Blackboard.

The OpenEd Forum will present successful examples of open education in action, including the Open Africa Project, presented by Jacob Kariuki and James Muchira, PhD students in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and early childhood development courses offered on UMass Boston OpenCourseWare, developed by Mary Lu Love, director of early childhood services at UMass Boston’s Institute for Community Inclusion.

Other speakers and panel members include Marilyn Billings and Charlotte Roh of UMass Amherst, professors Rajini Srikanth and Elora Chowdhury from UMass Boston’s Honors College, Maria Barrow of MASSPIRG, Andrew Elder from Healey Library, Lance Eaton and colleagues from NSCC, and more.

The keynote speaker is Mary Lou Forward, the executive director of the Open Education Consortium. She is a leader on creating global networks for open education and has a long history of developing innovative opportunities to collaborate across countries and among diverse student groups.

The forum is organized by UMass Boston eLearning designers Irene Yukhananov and Rrezarta Hyseni with support from the Healey Library, College of Advancing and Professional Studies, and UMassOnline.

The event is free and open to the public.
March 30 - April 1, 2015NERCOMP Annual Conference "We're In IT Together"
Providence, RI
Our everyday actions and decisions impact one another and the future of our higher education IT community. From the frontline staff up to the CIO, we are all in it together. Networks create communities of faculty, researchers, learners, and institutions—facilitating interdependencies. When we come together, we can do transformative things.

You are a vital part of this community and together our influences improve higher education IT, helping to guide and shape our institutions’ technology strategies. At NERCOMP 2015, you'll build your professional network, reflect with colleagues, and explore hot topics in higher education IT.

2015 Key Program Topics:
IT Services: Support Models and Practice
Leadership and Organizational Development
Libraries and Scholarship in the 21st Century
Policy, Regulations, and Security
Systems and Solutions
Teaching and Learning

Attending the NERCOMP Annual Conference is an opportunity to build your professional network and learn, reflect, and engage with colleagues. When you make the commitment to attend NERCOMP 2015, you become an active participant in community dialogue—entrenched in an environment removed from the day-to-day pressures of campus. This valuable professional experience directly benefits you and your institution through an infusion of fresh energy and ideas along with validation of current practices.
April 10, 2015MxCC Technology Showcase
Middletown, CT
This free conference is open to all Connecticut higher education faculty and staff, and is sponsored by MxCC’s Center for New Media, Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant, and Center for Teaching. Join us for a half day of presentations and demonstrations by CT faculty and staff, with the purpose of sharing ideas and tools with peers while learning something new. Questions may be directed to Sandra Couture (, 860-343-5822) or Terry McNulty (, 860-343-5889). We are looking forward to a fun and informative conference!

Keynote: “Work and Play: Applying Game Design Thinking for Education and Business” by Ann DeMarle
In today’s hyper-mediated economy, it becomes increasingly more difficult to actively connect, engage, and involve – whether with students, customers, or within social networks. This talk will ponder the question: How do we convert a member of the crowd into a member of a team? This question articulates the dilemma for innovative institutions, organizations, and educators, who need to grapple with the new challenge of harnessing “participation bandwidth”. This presentation will explore a perspective gained from the world of play; taking cues from game designers, virtual world builders, and play experts, to design strategies and experiences that increase engagement and motivation for otherwise “serious” initiatives.
April 27, 2015Bridging The Gap: Empowering Students with Disabilities Through the Use of Commercially Available and Customized Technologies
Worcester, MA
During the 2007-2008 academic year students with disabilities represented 10.9 % of the total enrollment for higher education across the country, which amounts to slightly over 2 million students. For over 25 years the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been in effect, establishing guidelines and regulations which every educational institution must follow or risk being fined.

The New York times recently published an article with the headline: "Harvard and M.I.T. Are Sued Over Lack of Closed Captions”. The article goes on to describe how the National Association for the Deaf filed a federal lawsuit for discrimination using ADA guidelines. Educational institutions are mandated by law to provide reasonable accommodations for all students with disabilities. How do we do that in a setting where the majority of educational materials are delivered in digital format? How can we preemptively create educational materials that address all or most learning disabilities? Are there technologies that can function as accessibility assistants/ conduits for those students? What are the best practices when it comes to developing accessible resources?
Learning, Design, and Technology - Association for Educational Communications and Technology 2014 Conference
Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront
Jacksonville, FL
As reflected in our convention theme - Learning, Design, and Technology - AECT continues in the direction of providing international leadership by promoting scholarship and best practices in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning. The theme of this conference emphasizes and maximizes our strength as a premier international organization in educational technology, the organization to which others refer for research and best practices.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the convention planning team (
June 11, 2015Communicating for Project Success
Norwood, MA
Communication is one of the most (if not THE most) important factors for project success. It is a key project activity that all good project managers take seriously. However, as project managers, we sometimes get stuck in a rut, handling communications the same way for every project. Please join us for a day to share your war stories and best practices through group activities as we examine the variety of communication responsibilities in a project including stakeholder, team and change management. We will also send out brief pre-workshop assignments to set the stage for our day together.

Workshop Goals: To provide exposure to different communication methods and ideas through the sharing and discussion of attendees’ project communication experiences, as they relate to various project activities.

Intended Audience: Experienced project managers in higher education.
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