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In addition to posting information about MxCC training, we will post information on conferences and events related to Distance Learning and Educational Technology. This includes system-wide training as well as regional and national conference opportunities. For reimbursement procedure of attending a regional or national conferences, contact your department secretary.

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December 3, 2015Inclusive Online Education: Tips for Successfully Engaging and Supporting Distance Learners
University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA
With the growing trend of distance education, it is necessary for institutions to adequately support their online student population. From student advising models to adaptable and accessible learning environments, many considerations need to be made when creating and supporting a virtual campus. Complete student integration in the online environment is an issue faced by many institutions that often contributes to high attrition rates. With a fully supported online campus, learner satisfaction will increase and retention rates of online students will continue to rise. This workshop will benefit institutions that are looking to start or expand online degree programs, and create more robust wrap-around support services for their online students.Session Outcomes:

• Increase knowledge of the unique needs of distance learners, and how an institution can best support and accommodate these needs.
• Learn the importance of keeping a distance learner socially engaged in the virtual environment and how these efforts can lead to higher retention rates.
• Learn how to make an online education adaptable and fully accessible to distance learners. - See more at:
January 22, 2016What You Should Know About Learning Analytics
Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center, 14 Mechanic St. Southbridge, Massachusetts
Learning analytics holds tremendous promise to help institutions of higher education improve student success. This is accomplished by tailoring the experience of each individual learner through customized learning activities, personalized support services and proactive intervention strategies, brought together with transparent, accessible performance dashboards.

This workshop will feature presentations from instructional and information technology staff. You will hear from data scientists who have leveraged various learning analytic approaches to improve student success, while exploring the key benefits, drawbacks and institutional considerations that are associated with these initiatives. Presentations and subsequent discussions will focus on best practices and successful strategies for launching a learning analytics initiative, including the resources recommended to ensure program success.

Session Outcomes:
• Evaluate the impact that launching a learning analytics initiative could have y campus.
• Discuss the benefits and challenges associated with launching a learning analytics initiative.
• Explore best practices associated with using learning analytics to improve student success. - See more at:
January 22, 2016The Socially Networked Classroom & College: Using Social Media in Higher Education
Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center, 14 Mechanic St., Southbridge, Massachusetts
Colleges and faculty continue to grapple with how best to leverage different social media platforms, which continue to be a central part of our daily lives. This workshop is appropriate for both faculty and administrators, and will provide opportunities to explore issues related to social media that impact the classroom and the institution. Attendees will also have opportunities to explore and try out several different types of social media for both new and intermediate users. We will explore how to effectively use social media and its importance in the college context, both inside and outside the classroom.

Session Outcomes:
- Faculty will be able to better assess social media and its potential uses for the classroom.
-Administrators will gain knowledge on how to approach and deploy social media for engagement with students, faculty, and the community.
-Attendees will gain more hands-on experience with at least two social media platforms. - See more at:
February 14-17, 2016eLearning 2016
Scottsdale, Arizona
THE Annual Conference for:
eLearning Administrators
eLearning Faculty
Instructional Designers
Online Media Specialists
Web course Developers

Join us at eLearning 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona to exchange your great ideas with colleagues from across the country and around the world. Be a part of one of the friendliest and most comprehensive annual distance learning conferences for eLearning practitioners.

We want to learn about the new and innovative educational strategies and technologies you tried that work, and about the successful and tried-and-true techniques you or your staff use to teach at a distance. Have you experienced strategies that did not work out as well as you had hoped? We want to hear about those too!

eLearning 2016 will offer you and your staff pre-conference workshops, keynote speakers, vendors exhibiting the latest eLearning technologies and services, and nearly 60 one-hour concurrent sessions.
February 22, 2016Supporting Faculty in Blended Teaching and Learning
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts
Studies have shown that blended courses often produce the best results in helping students achieve the specified learning outcomes in a course. This is accomplished by providing the best of both worlds--offering both face-to-face classroom connections and technology-enhanced learning activities. This structure provides students with excellent learning opportunities; however, faculty and course designers must be prepared with the resources and skills they need to create well designed blended classes.

This workshop will provide attendees with opportunities to learn about and explore strategies for preparing faculty to teach in the blended environment, working with faculty to design blended courses, and supporting faculty while teaching a blended course. Presentations from experienced blended designers on these topics will be followed by hands-on exercises and group conversations. Attendees will learn proven strategies and best practices including usable examples of lessons, activities, or resources that they can use at their own institutions.

Workshop Outcomes:
● Describe strategies for training faculty to teach a blended course
● Identify best practices in blended course design
● Discuss critical factors for success in teaching blended courses
● Develop a plan to support faculty in teaching blending courses
● Connect with other blended design professionals - See more at:
March 21–23, 2016NERCOMP Annual Conference
Providence, Rhode Island
When we come together, we can do transformative things. The NorthEast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP) has brought together our innovative and committed community for 60 years. From the frontline staff all the way up to the CIO, we have created communities of faculty, researchers, learners, and institutions.

The NERCOMP Annual Conference plays a pivotal role in bringing our community together—connecting peers, sharing successes (and struggles), and enhancing our collective learning.

YOU are a vital part of this community and together our influences improve the use of technology in higher education, helping to guide and shape our institutions’ strategies. At NERCOMP, you will build your professional network, reflect with colleagues, and explore hot topics in higher education IT.

2016 Key Program Topics:
IT Services: Support Models and Practice
Leadership and Organizational Development
Libraries and Scholarship in the 21st Century
Policy, Regulations, and Security
Systems and Solutions
Teaching and Learning

June 8-10, 2016LearnCon: Mobile Learning Conference and Info
Austin, TX
Mobile technologies are changing the ways we interact with the world. The ever-present availability of information, combined with the contextual awareness these devices provide, enable us to learn and receive support whenever we need it, wherever we are. mLearnCon 2015 focuses on applying mobile technologies in the context of learning and performance support, the strategies for integrating these technologies into the training mix, and the best practices for designing, developing, and delivering mobile content.

mLearnCon, North America’s leading mobile learning conference and expo, focuses on the explosive and varied growth of mobile technologies, the ways these technologies are integrating into the training mix, and how mLearning is becoming an essential part of any successful organizational learning strategy. Whether you are just considering the use of mobile technologies or have years of experience with mLearning, mLearnCon offers you the proven approaches, relevant information, and knowledgeable community to help you succeed with mobile learning.

mLearnCon offers the most comprehensive mLearning-focused program available anywhere. Whether you are defining your mobile learning strategy, designing for mobile delivery, or developing mLearning and performance support solutions, you’ll find real-world, practical strategies, case studies, ideas, information, and best practices to help you create successful mobile learning. To get a feel for what the 2016 program will be like, view the 2015 conference website.

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