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In addition to posting information about MxCC training, we will post information on conferences and events related to Distance Learning and Educational Technology. This includes system-wide training as well as regional and national conference opportunities. For reimbursement procedure of attending a regional or national conferences, contact your department secretary.

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November 14, 2016Instructional Design for Everyone
College of the Holy Cross
Hogan Campus Center Third Floor
College Street Gate 7
Worcester, MA
Instructional design is a discipline, a body of knowledge, a profession, a set of practices, and a role. Instructional designers can help plan online courses, contribute to educational software design, consult on projects, courses, lessons, and even degree programs.

But what is instructional design as a service in higher ed? What value does it bring? And how can you draw on instructional design as part of your learning technology services–even if you aren’t an ID or don’t have one on staff?

Maybe you are playing the role of ID but without extensive training or experience. Maybe you studied ID but haven’t had enough opportunities to connect theory and practice. Or you do learning technology and work with faculty but don’t have ID or ed psych training. Or you were faculty and now work with learning technology, and you’d like to know more about the science and practical methods specialists use.

This workshop will bring together ID’s and other learning technology staff to create mutual understanding about how to help faculty using ID principles, methods, theories, and research. The bulk of the day will be made up of group problem-solving, interspersed with short presentations by a panel of experts, who will also facilitate the group activities.

Topics include: understanding who the learners are, defining learning goals and processes, strategies and teaching methods, models and theories, aligning tools with goals, assessment and evaluation, and the science of learning.

After attending the workshop, participants will be able to answer the following questions.
• What questions should I ask a faculty member?
• What theories or methods should I be familiar with?
• What might I borrow from educational and cognitive psychology?
• Are there a few key pieces of research I can draw on?

Additional discussion topics will include:
• Tools That Wag the Learning Dog,
• The Care and Feeding of Faculty Clients,
• Interviewing To Get The Right Details Upfront
• Will These Processes Increase My Overhead?

Participants will develop cases based on their actual experiences. Instructional designers will work through sample problems and give feedback to workshop participants who work in groups on the problems they bring with them. By the end of the session, each participant will have answered these questions for a real challenge they have faced.

Attendance is welcome from: IT, ed tech, library, and instructional design staff and administrators, as well as interested faculty.

Enrollment limited to 50 people.
November 14-16, 2016E-LEARN 2016 - World Conference on E-Learning
Washington, D.C.
E-Learn--World Conference on E-Learning is an international conference organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) and co-sponsored by the International Journal on E-Learning.

This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of information on research, development, and applications of all topics related to e-Learning in the Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education sectors.
November 16-18, 2016OLC Accelerate 2016
Orlando, FL
In 2016, you won’t be able to have a dialogue about higher education without discussing, in part, online learning. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors in education today, and as the pace of growth accelerates, we’d like to introduce you to OLC Accelerate, the premier global gathering covering this field.

As you might have guessed, OLC Accelerate is the new name of the Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference, now in its 22nd year. We chose OLC Accelerate because this conference is devoted to driving quality online learning, advancing best practice guidance and accelerating innovation in learning for academic leaders, educators, administrators, online learning professionals and organizations around the world.

Following the success of 2015’s annual conference, OLC Accelerate 2016 will be the ultimate event to network with—and learn from—thousands of your eLearning peers.

As always, this international conference promises outstanding keynote speakers, expanded programs, and engaging workshops. And our ever popular Technology Test Kitchen and Discovery sessions will once again deliver the opportunity to interact with experts in new and emerging eLearning technologies and topics, reinforcing why online educators worldwide affirm that OLC Accelerate is the premiere conference for online learning professionals.

Our curation of conference tracks and exhibits promises a cross section of timely eLearning topics, offering something for everyone involved in providing the highest quality educational experiences in 2016.
December 6, 2016The Future of Everything
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA"
What is higher education becoming? This workshop explores several slices of the future, as experts taking the audience on deep dives into fields with enormous impact on higher education. Industry and thought leaders take us into the future of the book, what's coming next in digital security threats, and possible futures for the world of work. An opening presentation sets the stage by introducing futures methods, trends, and projects. The closing session brings this all back to institutions by connecting these futures to the present of teaching, research, support, and student life. Discussion is encouraged throughout the day, augmented by a social media back channel.

Session Outcomes:
- How is the book changing?
- What new digital security threats are likely to arise, and which old ones persist?
- How will work change, both in terms of campus labor and the world our students will enter?
December 6-7, 2016Future Technologies Conference 2016
San Francisco, CA
FTC 2016 attracts researchers, scientists and technologists from some of the top companies, universities, research firms and government agencies from around the world. The conference is predicated on the successful conferences by The Science and Information (SAI) Organization that have been held in the UK since 2013.

Conference Program includes:
Keynote Talks
Paper Presentations
Poster Presentations
Project Demonstrations
Industry Exhibits
January 19, 2016Current Trends in OER
Southbridge, MA
Given the growing expense of college for undergraduate students, it has become vital for higher education institutions to do whatever they can to increase affordability. One area which has shown great promise is the use of open access textbooks and other materials which faculty and students can locate on the World Wide Web and use freely in place of textbooks and other curricular materials created by commercial publishers. The Open Educational Resource (OER) movement has grown considerably over the past decade, resulting in millions of dollars being saved for students.

In this workshop, Peter Shea (Director of Professional Development at Middlesex Community College) and Peter Hess (Learning Technologies Administrator at Boston College) will discuss the ways in which open educational textbooks and other materials are evolving to include interactive media which makes full use of the dynamic learning environment of the Web, resulting in more engaging learning experiences for students.

Learning Objectives:
- Acquire knowledge of the open and free-to-use interactive learning media that is currently available to supplement open access textbooks & other materials
- Develop strategies for successfully integrating interactive learning media with open educational resources
- Develop ideas for creating their own open interactive learning media
February 23-24, 20172017 Winter Global Online/Distance Education Symposium
Riverside, CA
Discuss critical success factors and innovative practices in online/distance education and training.
Examine the key components of effective applications: needs analysis, course design, teaching methods, active learning, learner support, management, policy, and evaluation.
Share successful approaches, strategies, and techniques.
Identify active teaching/learning methods for effective engagement, motivation, and performance outcomes.
Discuss major issues, new developments, and trends.
Reflect on progress made in online/distance education.
Consider future possibilities for online/distance education.
Increase knowledge about teaching/training related to online/distance education.
Facilitate networking among online/distance educators, practitioners and administrators.
Share program resources via technology (e.g., print, audio, video, multimedia, and the internet).
February 28, 2017Classroom Design for Teaching & Learning
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Street
Worcester, MA 01610
In many cases, classroom design isn't keeping pace with changes in technology and pedagogy. What worked with VHS tapes and a “sage on the stage” doesn’t work so well in today’s classroom. Aimed at the educational technologist or anyone who supports academic facilities, we will explore the components and structure of a good learning environment, applicable industry standards, and ways of evaluating existing spaces. Case studies from Brandeis, MIT and The College of the Holy Cross will be presented, and there will be an opportunity to go to a classroom for a demonstration of test equipment and a practice evaluation. We will wrap up with a discussion of technology that is currently on the horizon and offer time for a group discussion of issues everyone is facing.

Session Outcomes:

* Design elements of a learning environment to support teaching and learning

* Existing industry standards and how they apply to the design of a learning environment

* Real-world test and evaluation skills that participants can use at their home institutions
February 28, 2017Designing Accessible Online & Technology Enhanced Learning Activities: Challenges, Opportunities and a Plan
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Street
Worcester, MA 01610
It takes a proactive village to build an online and/or technology-enhanced learning environment that has been universally designed to serve the needs of all of our students; but - Where do you start? Who should you partner with? How do you keep the focus on learning? How can you assess your progress? Our group of instructional designers and disability service professionals will share strategies, insights, and lessons learned.

Session Oucomes:
· develop an awareness of the UDL framework for the purpose of optimizing the technology-enhanced learning environment for all of their students
· identify the challenges, next steps, stakeholders and internal and external resources for their own institutions
· identify a universally designed course structure that works for them
March 27-29, 2017NERCOMP Annual Conference
Providence, RI
When we come together, we can do transformative things. The NorthEast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP) has brought together our innovative and committed community for more than 60 years. From the frontline staff all the way up to the CIO, we have created communities of faculty, researchers, learners, and institutions.

The NERCOMP Annual Conference plays a pivotal role in bringing our community together--connecting peers, sharing successes (and struggles), and enhancing our collective learning.

In 2017, you can expect to see additional opportunities to collaborate and network with your colleagues, as well as new features to increase your knowledge take-aways:

Communities of Practice meetings held before the conference on Monday afternoon. Topics include: Women in IT; IT Communications; Information Security; Digital Librarians; Student Employees; and Teaching and Learning.
Two new conference tracks: Transforming the Student Experience and Data-Driven Decision Making
Inclusion of "featured speakers" tied to specific tracks
A first-timers table (Tuesday breakfast) where newcomers to the conference can meet and network. In addition, a Program Committee or Board member will join the table to offer tips to help first-timers optimize their conference experience.
May 26-28, 2017Thirteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society
Toronto, Canada
The Thirteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society features research addressing the following annual themes and the 2017 Special Focus.

Theme 1: Technologies and Human Usability
Theme 2: Technologies in Knowledge Sharing
Theme 3: Ubiquitous Learning
Theme 4: Technologies in Society 2017
Special Focus: The Future of Cities: Augmenting Urban Innovation
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