Entering Grades
Middlesex Community College -Records Office

TO:                 All Faculty

FROM:           Susan B. Salowitz, Registrar

DATE:          May 4, 2015

SUBJECT:   Final Grades –  Spring 2015

You may begin entering grades on Tuesday, May 12th.  All grades must be entered no later than Wednesday, May 20th at 12:00 pm.  As of  12:00 pm on Wednesday, May 20th you will not be able to enter any additional grades. Any changes in grades will need to be done on a grade change form. Also, please inform your students that grades should be available online at http://my.commnet.edu on the evening of May 20th. Grade reports are no longer mailed.

Please note the following when entering grades:

The site is http://my.commnet.edu. You must use your NetID (Banner ID) followed by @mxcc.commnet.edu and your password.

There is a 30-minute time out – If you have not submitted grades within this time limit you will need to re-enter all the grades.  Our suggestion is to hit the submit grade button every 20 minutes.  This will save the grades you have already entered.
Enter a grade for all students listed on the grade screen.  PLEASE NOTE: NONE is not a valid grade option.

If you have more than 25 students in your class, please press the link at the top or bottom of the screen indicating #26 through the last student.  This will bring you to the second page.  You must submit each page individually.

If a student has followed the official withdrawal procedures, a notation of “W” will appear “grayed out”.  The “W” cannot be over-written.  PLEASE NOTE: Effective with the Fall 2006 semester the “W” notation is no longer available in the drop down menu.  In order for a student to receive a “W” he/she must officially withdraw through the Records Office.

Final grades are immediately recorded when you press the SUBMIT key.  Failure to press the SUBMIT key will cause all grades to be lost.  After all grades have been submitted, you will see at the top of the page – “0 students to be graded”.
If you have difficulty logging into http://my.commnet.edu, please call the MxCC IT Department at   860-343-5711. Please attempt to log in as soon as possible prior to the final grade due date, as your password may need to be reset.

PLEASE NOTE: Passwords are no longer reset over the phone.


A C AU= Audit
A- C- I= Incomplete
B+ D N= No Grade (No Basis for Grade)
B D+ P= Pass
B- D-
C+ F


A#  C+#  D-#    AU = Audit
A-# C# F# I# = Incomplete
B+# C-#    M# = Maintaining Progress

B# D+#   M# = Maintaining Progress

B-# D#

Note: These grades are not calculated into the GPA.
+ Developmental/Remedial courses: ENG* 003, ENG* 013, ENG* 063, ENG* 073, ESL* 013, ESL* 015, MAT* 075, MAT* 095.