The Middlesex Community College Foundation is pleased to announce the offering of ten scholarships to be awarded this spring to graduating high school seniors who have chosen to attend Middlesex Community College in Fall 2015.   As college becomes essential preparation for today’s competitive global economy, finding opportunities for every student has become more important than ever. Ensuring that every student has the opportunity for higher education is a challenge for Connecticut’s schools and a guiding principle for the work of our Foundation.

We are inviting each of the 20 high schools located within the 18-town service region of Middlesex Community College to send applications, by April 1, 2015, to be considered for one of our these scholarships. Awards will go to promising students who choose to attend Middlesex, hold an average or above average cumulative GPA, and who have been particularly active participants/citizens in their communities. Guidance counselor recommendation is one of the requirements.

Please contact Corey Martell with questions (860) 343-5701 or