MxCC-Veterans-Color-Guard21-1024x652Veterans should follow the application procedures as outlined. In addition, veterans who are eligible to receive educational benefits must bring a copy of their DD–214 (separation papers) to the College Veterans Office, as well as their VA file–claim number if previous benefits have been received. Married veterans must also submit a copy of the marriage certificate and birth certificates of any children when applying for educational benefits. In order to receive a tuition waiver, eligible veterans must submit a copy of their DD–214 to the Business Office.

A veteran of the Armed Forces who served on active duty during time of war is entitled to a waiver of General Fund tuition provided that the veteran:

  1. Received an honorable discharge
  2. Is a resident of Connecticut at the time he/she is accepted for admission to the college
  3. Served at least ninety (90) days of active duty during any of the following U.S conflicts: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Operation Earnest Will, and Desert Storm. Note:  Training, National Guard, and Reserve time are excluded.

Veterans are responsible for notifying the Records Office and the Veterans Office when any change of status occurs (add/drop courses, birth of child, etc.), as well as at the beginning of each academic year. All fees must be paid as they are due unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Director of Financial Aid.

MxCC Veteran’s Education Benefits

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